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move at all, flushed trans. fluid, replaced filter, and car now moves again but still has problems shifting/slipping, trans. does catch up eventually but still has same problem, just not as bad, wondering if this has something to do with the solenoids sticking, valve body blocked not allowing enough pressure in trans. to function right, or sensors?
Just bought this car a month ago, haven't had any other problems. Battery had died and my dad boosted it off and this is when we discovered the problem.
the springs are off do you have to replace the whole door actuator
noise just pushing on rear bumper
cruise control stopped working about a year ago, and now my power seat stopped working, I checked the fuses, and noone from the toyota dealership will tell me what is wrong some kind of weird elongated shaped cassets, I dont appreciate that noone would talk to me on the phone with out me making an appointment" which I dont have the time or expense to do.I also have a recall because my drivers side window wont move, and hasent moved up or down for quite a long time now...I know ther is a recall on this, and I want to know who I need to talk to next, to file my complaints, or I will contact my attorney. You need to contact me asap at 913-884-6577
my friend didn't see the flood over the road way, it stall and wont start back up we drain all fiulds and put new in. still wont start
I just turned 89000 miles and have maintained the vehicle very well. After it warms up and when i stop or slow down, it wants to stall. If i put it in neutral and rev the engine, then it is ok. I have changed oxygen sensor, air sensor, fuel filter and had it checked by many mechanics even at a Toyota dealership, but nobody can find anything. It has been doing this for about 6 years. Also check engine light comes on from time to time. Changed gas cap also.
I always use Mobil 1 for the oil changing
Also, check engine is on, should I change oxygen sensor or the front catalyst.
My turn signal will not work as well as my brake lights. I replaced fuses and the brake pedal switch. Need to find the turn signal flasher so i can replace it
Noise comes from front end of car seems to be coming from right side. Changes motor mount(top) was defective. Others apears to be good. Shows no sign of wear. Would struts make noise like if worn? Please help. Thanks, Rick
like not going into gears,also can the engine be damaged as well.
I've replaced the 20A fuse for the 12V power outlet twice and it pops immediately. Any idea why?
Will not go into reverse.
spark plug gap for 2010 Toyota camry 2.5 engine
Was discover at WALMART during oil change .
They do not fix that type on problem.
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