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dash lights work now but / car will not start / started good until we fixed the dash lights?
with the inside door switch on drivers door panel you hear what sounds like solonoides are working on the other 3 doors but they don't unlock
The drivers door will work all the time, the other doors only when it is cold.
After pulling heads to replace valve stem seals, put heads back on with new head gaskets, intake gasket, everything assembled as should its getting too much gas, smokes, and gas comes out tailpipe.I have replaced fuel pressure regulator, blown out fuel return, got gas in my oil pan.What's going on? HELP!
none of them are working.
I have wheels straight ahead when shutting off car, then go to start...won't start. But if I turn the wheels sharp to the left, it starts. Maybe a bad switch in the column somewhere?
after my car blew the radiator, i replaced it myself.. after that, broke the water pump, damaged the timing belt.. all have been replaced, even the cam/crannk sensors as well.. still the check engine light is on. still the shifting problems persists..
Whenever I accelerate between 45-60 mph my car vibrates. The mechanic said I had bad motor mounts. I have replaced the Torque and the right transmission mount on the right side. Does broken motor mounts cause the car the vibrate at high speeds? Or could it be I need my tires balance.
outside window rubber strip coming off from the end or start which ever way you are looking at, what type of glue can I use?
Everytime I accelerate my car would vibrate. I've changed the motor mount that looks like a dog bone because it was broken. Now my car still vibrates on the right side. When I put my car in reverse & press on the gas my right (rear) motor mount moves alot. Which is causing my drivers side axle to rise. Do I need to replace the rear motor mount?
when the tranny shudders it feels like driving over a very aggressive rumble strip. It usually will not do it when the trans. is cold or within the first few miles of travel. it never does it over 50 and I don't seem to notice it below 20-25 mph.
What does ope Ming relay have to do with fuel system?
Valve cover gasket is leaking. cylinder 3 has oil.spark plug was changed in 08/2013.Sparkplug wire set looks ok.
My gas return line was stopped up, blew it out. Gas coming out tailpipe. How do I get rid of this gas?
After putting heads back on l'm getting too much fuel to engine
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