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Yellow triangle warning light and hybrid warning light both came on at same time while driving yesterday afternoon, 6/24
Car still ran fine to home. Parked and checked this morning. Condition still the same with both warning lights on.
Could this be a computer issue or what?
This is a first time problem.
Please help me. Thank you
This vehicle originally purchased in USA and shipped over.
It has NEVER been any problem till now.
I am a retired American (VET) living in Budapest, Hungary

The ck hybrid notification comes on for a few days and then goes off. It seems to come on and sometimes cuts the engine off, when I 1st back up. The large battery system was changed out a few mo back. That seems to be working fine, charging up and the gas millage is back to normal. Dealer ship thinks it may be the inverter their cost to replace $6500.00. What is your opinion?

the diagnostic test is showing this code c1253 motor pump relay, can someone tell me where's because I don't find it , thanks

Replaced the axlury battery. Light came back on.When I start car was unable car would not go in gear. Check hybrid light on.problem occurred Monday took to Toyota dealer replaced auxlury battery. Ran fine. Friday evening went to start car check hybrid light came back on. Also Tuesday the brake , ABSand exclamation light came on. Turned car off and the light went off again.

The regular battery in my Camry Hybrid died. After jumping, the car would start, however as soon as the gas engine would kick on, the little dial would shoot up to 0 and it would die immediately. Then the instrument panel says "check hybrid system". After reading online I read that a new battery would fix the problem. That the regular battery didn't have enough juice to "reset" the hybrid system. Well after spending $400 on a battery I've found that didn't work. So now I'm looking at towing to the dealer. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? The car was fine one morning and then 4 hours later I went out and there was no power. Jumped it, that worked to get some power to battery but now it seems the hybrid system is messed up. help!

Hi, I got the code C1391, which means there is a leak in the ABS actuator, Every time I clear the code the ABS work fine for 10 minutes then the lights come on again, No ABS, and breaks need more push.
I made the alignment at Tire Kingdom, and asked them to do the calibration of center steering, but nothing changed, recently I knew after changing some parts like the steering rack I have to do a calibration also for the yaw sensor.
I want to know is the actuator was damaged just after changing the steering rack? or it is a calibration matter? and do you know the exact steps for the calibration.
Thank you, I appreciate your help in advance.

Could you please inform me what the procedure is to reset the hybrid battery cooling part. Thank you.

When i drove my car after little while it will either make my fuel millage up per gallon or down.

i have less than 9950 miles on the car in 16 months.

It's an 09 with only 55,000 miles on it.
Haven't had any problems with car, had regular maintenance. Makes no sense to me. What am I missing here before I spend mega bucks??

I have a few questions that may need your help.
1. Does this car use the same coolant liquid for fuel engine & tractor (electric engine)?
2. How to check & refill power steering fluid?
3. At what mileage should I change the transmission fluid & how to do it?
All help is welcome & appreciated! Thanks & God bless.

I have had my hybrid batteries replacerd by a reputable shop that offers remanufactured batteries. After one week the "Check Hybrid System" light comes on as well as "Check VSC" after replace=ing battery several times is it potentially the Battery Contriol Module?

Is there any hybrid specialist who can fix multiple signs. Otherwise car is running well. But the lights of hybrid, engine, battery etc.are not disappearing. Many technicians puts their hands off.
Please help if any one knows who are specialist in HYBRID system can fix with reasonable amount. THANKS/REGARDS.

If I like to keep my car for a long time. What is additional service I better done at the 90000 miles service? What is reasonable price range? Thanks!

basically I detailed and clean my mother's car completely inside on the carpetswhere the radioafter this I get the bright idea to clean the doors and inside on the dashboard where the radio is. After I did this I could not get the radio to play or turn on now it turns on but is stuck on auxiliary. please help, this is my mother's car.

hi I have a 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid which is now throwing up a P0171 code, I also have a scangauge as an accessory that measures fuel economy, on my scanguage my fuel econony is very good, just like when i first got the car but the built in dash gauge on the camry the fuel economy is poor, I cleaned the MAF sensor and replaced the air filter and cleared the code but the code still comes up, I noticed the LTFT level goes over and stays around 34 mark while the STFT level is around 0,

however the car responds very well and I do not feel any sluggishness. What could be the issue with the code coming up?

CODE U029A lost communication with hybrid battery pack sensor module
HELP!! Driving on Rt 80 car stops running. I can only go 15mph to move over to side. All lights are on dash and Check VSC and Check Hybrid system lights. Call AAA have it towed home. Next day reset the system and check engine light remains on along with Check VSC. Car can drive I take it to pep boys for diagnostic. Code is U029A-Communication issue. All lights reset. I drive home. Next morning get in car starts drive 6 miles and car dies completely at traffic light on Rt 10. Call AAA towed home. Get home start car and it drives.

Has anyone had this issue. Any ideas what needs to be done to fix it?

This is a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. 150K miles

The gas engine on my 2009 hybrid with 105K miles starts any time I put more than very light pressure on the gas pedal, even when I am driving at 30 mph or less. It also starts the gas engine when driving up very slight inclines at speeds of 30 mph or less. Can the system be adjusted so it does not switch on the gas engine so quickly? Thanks.

so far it has been challenging getting a certified mechanic here in Nigeria

about half a cup of washer fluid

Since it was necessary to turn on heater because of cold weather we only get cold air even though the controls are turned on all the way to High

I am considering buying a 07 camry hybrid with 105k miles. I assume it will need a reconditioned or new battery soon. I want to know the cost of labor and parts.

What could be wrong?