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I was told by a mechanic that the code coming up meant the steering wheel coil needed to be replaced. It has stopped by horn and air bags from working.
I have a 1999 AvalonXLS, with 60,000 miles. Has been used mostly for city/suburban driving. What is a reasonable mileage for replacement of the timing belt and water pump? I am ignoring what the repair shops say because their motivation is generate revenue.
Not the spring replacement, the whole fuel door assembly
How long can I drive without replacing? Can it be fixed and not replaced? Didn't know it was leaking - no symptoms. Seems this shouldn't happen with 51K on it, but they told me it was an "old" car, regardless of miles.
I have been having an issue with smoke coming out of my tailpipe on startup for over a year now and was wondering what was causing it. I'm not sure if it is blue or white smoke because it all looks the same to me. I heard there might have been a recall from Toyota or that they would fix the problem for free if I took it in. I just don't know what is going on.
Went to Autozone today to diagnose the dash lights that came on again (Check Engine, Trac Off, VSC Light). Printout Code P0446 stated - Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Fault. Probable Cause: (1) Open or Short Circuit condition; (2) Poor Electrical Connection or (3) Faulty CCV Vent Control Solenoid.

This happened a couple of weeks ago after I filled up the tank with gas. Took it to Autozone back then, they said "Evap Code", tightened the gas cap, reset the codes, lights off -- no problem. Okay for a couple of weeks. Went to fill up tank yesterday, no problem. No warning dash lights. Started up car this morning after sitting all night -- no warning lights on dash. Went to do errands today and upon making a rather sharp turn (oops), heard a little buzzing noise, then same 3 dash lights lit up. Took it back to Autozone to diagnose lights (see paragraph 1).

Guy said it could be the faulty CCV vent control solenoid (which he did not stock). Said part should cost about $40 and labor to put it in (about an hour), so shouldn't cost me more than $150 to repair this. Does this sound reasonable? Absolutely will NOT take this to local Toyota dealership -- always, always, always outrageous for repairs! Autozone guy said I can drive car safely. My annual inspection does not come up until the end of January 2015. Should I bite the bullet and take this to my local mechanic now and hope it's only approx. $150? Any thoughts?
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon. I live in the state of Ga. Several months ago or so. After it rains. I began to here a swishing sound. I began to look for the problem. Found out with the window up, when rains and after words. Some how and do not know how it happens. But rain some how or another gets in my front passenger window. After I open the door. The water does come out. I am wondering if any one else with a 96, or before or even after has had that problem and what is the fix for it.
I bought new tires in July 2014, have always did the requirement maintenance and tire rotations on the car, this was the 3rd time new tires have been put on the car. I have to take the car back in Aug 2014 because the car was vibrating just a little, they adjusted the balance. Today Sept 2014, I took the car back to Firestone, the Guy tells me that the motor mounts are gone and I need new axles. Shouldn't they have known this in July or even August. How many amounts are on the Avalon, I saw the top one and the rubber looks like it's discounted. Any advise would be greatly appreciate and how much should a job like this cost, Firestone says $1897.87
have a rattle in the back of my car was told the break calipers were the reason and needed to be replaces cost $500.00. can someone explain why to me.
No dtc does a little better and almost goes away when it warms up
Is this too much? 222,000 miles just passed.
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