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The cover is partialy detached and won't snap back in. There seems to be a clip missing at the top, I want to take it all the way off and reinstall.
The car has never over-heated or had any diagnostic lights come on. Would a car go from no problems with the water pump to total replacement in 2000 miles without some sign of a problem? The dealer did an oil change and inspection 2000 miles ago with no mention of a water pump problem.
I figured that this might been an issue because over the weekend, I was driving back home and while I was waiting at the stop light, my car made this weird loud sound and when I started to drive off again. I noticed that my cold/hot thermometer (on the dashboard) raised up to HOT! Since I was so close to my house, i ended up taking the neighborhood way - rolling down all my windows because a really bad almost like burning smell was occurring. There was no smoke or at least none that I have seen. I left my car and didn't drive it for a day (Sunday). Now, I'm trying to go to work but before I tried to head out, the car wont even start. It doesn't even try to crank one bit. I know it's not my battery because I had purchased a brand new battery back in april. PLEASE HELP ON WHAT I NEED TO DO AND PURCHASE. My car has about 250k miles on it.
It seems to me it started after I added more oil to my engine. Could I of put to much and is now burning the excess?? I know very little about cars help please!
when using air conditioning the floorboards in the front become wet. I've been told there is a bulletin out that says this is the problem. Thanks for any advice you can give.
Car just will not start up, it try's but won't at all.
I was told by a mechanic that the code coming up meant the steering wheel coil needed to be replaced. It has stopped by horn and air bags from working.
I have a 1999 AvalonXLS, with 60,000 miles. Has been used mostly for city/suburban driving. What is a reasonable mileage for replacement of the timing belt and water pump? I am ignoring what the repair shops say because their motivation is generate revenue.
Not the spring replacement, the whole fuel door assembly
How long can I drive without replacing? Can it be fixed and not replaced? Didn't know it was leaking - no symptoms. Seems this shouldn't happen with 51K on it, but they told me it was an "old" car, regardless of miles.
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