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My 02 Camry was involved in a minor front accident and it cranks over but won't start. What should I look for? Engine cranks over good....
2015 Toyota highlander. 5900 miles. just has car serviced on 11/22/17. when trying to start today, it won't start and makes a grinding noise whenever I push the start button. All interior lights are working but headlights do not work. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
As long as you never let the gas get to half a tank it runs good. Once the gauge reaches half tank it starts missing and stops and will not start again until you put gas in.
Car shuts down while driving mechanic says change fuel pump and filter no change .could it be the cam sensor or the alarm system cutting the fuel my main suspect is the alarm.
Started When I changed my fan belt. Might not be the reason .for 3 weeks now. Serviced my car. Got new plugs and serviced d nozzle yet no change
The tire pressure is according to specs. Just had new tires put on with new TPMS kit. The light was on before the tire installation.
It's not smoking or anything like that, but it is leaking lots of oil on my garage floor. The engine light is NOT indicating I am low on oil or anything.
I can't set my speed and the 'check engine' light is also on. Is there a vcs button to push on a 2007 Rav 4?
Toyota 2002 sienna, when i driving on free way it drive ok but when i driving slow the engine died stop after about 10(ten) minute the engine start driving again and it drive for about one mile it died again so on .....
I'm a certified technician but work a job not related to automotive. So I don't really have a demand for All Data or a program that'll give me the labor hours required. My boss has no problem using me for mechanics but I would like to know I'm receiving adequate compensation for my time. Most mechanics in my area charge $85 to $100 per hour of labor and I planned on charging him less ($60-$75) considering I don't own a shop or all the tools that a normal shop would. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2003 avalon changed pump and coolant temp sen now wont start and dont hear pump prime and no start but would start after a half hour of cranking and charging batt and i get it running it will run fine all day its been 10 degrees heer all week long and every day thats its been this cold i have to keep jumping it for about half a hour till it finally starts then its fine all day long untill tommorrow morning then back to the halh a hour jumping it again and i noiticed i dont hear the pump prime either only time i hear is when cranking it only
when i shift into reverse it does not it does not move but when i shift into nuetral it drives but not like in drive but like in a low gear toyota camry 1990 automatic transmission v6 engine
There were check VSC on the display & he did the gas cap and cleaned the battery as he found it was corroded. That fixed the VSC indicator but the check tire pressure light never goes out even though he fills & checks tires regularly for me. And now the car acted like it was going to stall when we pulled out of a store parking space forward. He knows the codes are stored in memory & he wants to "flash" the codes so he can check the. We don't want to get stranded somewhere this New Year's Eve weekend in casevit's the Alternator
I have a 3 question i have a 2007 Toyota when I turn the AC on the car vibrates badly when it will stop... When I turn the car off it makes like exhale sound I can't really explain the sound... In the morning time when I first start it and it's idling I can hear a little grinding noise and when it's all warm up it goes always I was wondering if you can help me with this.... Please And Thank You
Check engine light on:diagnosis; 1&4 ignition coil . Replace ignition coil but the same problem. At first start engine it is normal condition,drive a few distance the engine starts shaking . like it also lose power and the sound is rattling
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