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I have a 05 4runner SR5. When I started to use the A/C. Over the lasted several days or so it started to make a whistling sound. Only does it when I have it on high.
I ready check the engine control is good I supouse that the computer does not received energy 12 volt
My forerunner was turned off and I went outside the next morning. I heard a clicking sound and burnt smell. I had the starter and solenoid replaced and a new battery.
Brakes failed with loud sound and brake light on dashboard on.
The horn would work intermittently, then it stayed on until I disconnected the exterior horn unit. The air bag lite is now on.
Anti lock brake light stays on
I have a 2013 Fourunner SR5 and want to do whatever recommended maintenance is needed at 45k but the dealership prices are so high I cannot afford to take it there.
I took the car to a mechanic and when it was returned to me the four wheel engaging light was blinking. The mechanic said he put it in four wheel drive and then disengaged it but the light kept flashing. He attributed it to an electrical problem but this never existed until he drove it. I imagine a solenoid is stuck somewhere but can someone shed some light on what might be going on here.
Sometimes it needs a little "rev" to get into first. I never have a problem getting into other gears, just first. In the morning the car must be running for 30 mins minimum to get good clean shifts.

Sometimes when it doesn't want to shift i will try to rev it a little to get it to shift. If I just lay on the gas and try to force it, that rarely works. What does work is if I give the gas peddle a little pop. Just a quick rev and it will usually shift.
It just started to happen recently. Mine is a manual transmission. It can be on any surface and will almost not move when on first gear only. Only happens on the first use of the day. thank you
When warmed up, a hard jarring or hard bump when it shifts up or down in low gears.
the gear shift is stuck in Park.
when brake is depressed, the column mounted gear will not shift.
it's an automatic transmission.

This just happened after winter storage.
I have been having this problem since 2011 when the body shop had to repair the roof from severe hail damage. The body shop attempted to diagnose the trouble and had the vehicle sent to electrical shop and they were unable to solve the problem. I too read the engine code when light comes on with right rear bank O2 sensor. The rear defrost has nothing to do with emissions. If the defrost is turned off, the lights will turn off after several restarts and driving around the city. Please help.
I had the motor running and after it warmed up for a while it would cut off like it ran out of fuel but I don't have spark from the coil. At first I could let the motor cool down for an hour or so and it would start back up and then die again after it warmed up but now I can't get it started at all. Timing belt good,rotor in distributor turns normally I can't find crankshaft sensor it maybe in the distributor but I don't know how to test it I don't know if I have a cam sensor that I need to check or not? I did pull the rubber gas line from the fuel pressure regulator. I crank the motor and some fuel did pump out of it but not a lot of pressure. I don't know if fuel pressure on this vehicle would cause it not to get spark of the coil? It doesn't seem to be a Schrader valve on the metering bar .Below the rubber gas line I pulled off the pressure regulator there is below that a banjo nut fuel line connected to the metering bar should I cracked that nut and see if there's pressure there ?Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated I like to get this 94 Toyota forerunner with the V6 3.0 EFI motor and automatic transmission back out on the beach thanks for your help
This is the third time lights have stayed on. Lights come on in same general area when driving down Highway 212. Seems to happen in area between Roberts and Joliet, which is bumpy in spots.
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