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These lights were not on when I took my 4runner in for the free recall and now they are??
I change valve cover and intake gaskets. now she will not stay running. starts for just a few seconds, no issues before that. I have made sure I didn't cross or leave off a vacuum line checked each over ten or more times. I narrowed it down to the injectors or not firing. power to both wirers. had the ecm checked was good, even swapped it out with one that was in a running 4run. fuel pump is working. don't know where to go from here. everybody I have tried to get help from is stumped as will. no codes also
this morning, the low tire pressure light went on and stayed on..... for about 6 miles. It was the first really cold morning (frost on the windshield) we've had so far. I mention that because I am wondering if the weather has anything to do with it. I am, of course, going to try and get into my local tire store to have them check the pressure....dang! just as I have to make a long drive tonight.
Have check engine light and will take it to the parts store to have the code pulled.
what do I do to permanently stop Check engine, Vsc Trac & Vsc Off light from constantly showing, while I have already tried the alternative 'repair advised' & it came back.
All the gears work and It's an automatic transmission I have 255000 miles.
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