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supposidly repaired, return inspection, no longer needs emission ck because of age, yet computer, will not issue sticker, wants emission, and still "not ready. whats next?
If i drive 100 plus miles coolant is low in radiator by 1/2 a bottle. Could I have a cracked head?
It is getting a misfire on the 6th cylinder and the check engine light stays on.
Truck starts up good; once put in gear, either reverse or drive--engine will die. Also, using more gas; cold check of tranny oil shows over full and warm check of tranny oil shows it is low. No catalytic converters; been used on family farm. Any suggestions appreciated; please give location of part to be checked, so I will be able to find it. THANKS
it's like its not getting gas. could this be a gas line leak or a sensor? Vehicle want start it use to do this and start after about three times but now it doesn't start but will crank.
Change battery and new clamps cleaned wires good. Only have lights and horn and will not start.
3 people had a go at my alternator- it works..but it's time to learn diy.
1)Does it matter that the red dashboard-light with the battery on it doesn't feature at the point of ignition anymore, 'cause I can remember it being a standard for other cars. Also, the instrument-gauge-panel light works only sporadically when the headlights are on, sometimes not at all. Are these 2 problems related by any chance? And - if possible- where can a repair-manual be downloaded, 'cause I've done a starter on an opel before and it nearly went up in smoke together with my ego.
top of engine screws to manifold under intake were all lose.
My owners manuel on shows maintenance up to 100,000 miles
I recently got the codes for the lights and here is what they read. P0031, P0441, P0455, and C1201. Is it just the oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or is there more to it? Also it says bank 1 sensor 1, if I'm looking at the front of my vehicle which side would that be on? Thanks for any advice!
My 4 runner is a 2004 v8 engine with all time 4wd. I currently have the same issue as others have posted with VSC and check engine lights. Im not sure if these problems are related? However, when I accelerate I hear the engine bogging down and also when I let off the accelerator by speed is significantly decreased at a rapid pace. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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