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the key wii not turn the cyclinder to start the vehicle

toyota 4 runner--I FORCE V8 ENGINE

put gas in it and primed it and still wont start

need to verify parts are good

when key is out dash lights stay on

Horrible noise coming from front wheel area of truck. Sounds like metal rubbing metal.

seems to be firing and fuel pump is coming on. Help me?

the are numbers 1 through 4 and even on 4 it just does not blow hard downloads would be good

and replaced

front park lights come on when hit brake pedal. Sometimes the left & sometimes the right. Sometimes one is on all the time & gets brighter when hit brake pedal. Door buzzer only working when hit brake pedal. ABS light comes on when turn on headlights.Have checked whole car for bad or touching wires & cannot find any. if anyone knows what the problem could be. Please comment. Thanks

My 1992 toyota 4runner overheated on me and began blowing steam out the exhaust...we believed that the headgasket blew. Did research and got this liquid: Blue Devil. It appears to have worked, but after I drive it for a short distance, it seems to make a "bubbling" noise on the driver's side. What could this be?

car idle too high on park. There's a code 52 (knock sensor) for check engine. It has a hard time going when you press on the accelerator. We have changed the spark plugs and the wires. What's the problem and how much will it cost to repair.
can't smog 'cuz idles too high

Engine wont start when the security sytstem is flashing

The lower ball joint busted on the drivers side front tire. I had it towed to a mechanic who is quoting me 430$ to replace the upper and lower ball joint. It seems a little high to me?

my charge light and brake light come on some times and now wont go off i have checked the alternator and it checks out good can some one please help me??????????

Window went down 4 inches and then stop and won't go up or down. It just clicks when the switch is activated.

What cost savings should I expect by replacing the timing belt and the water pump at the same time?

My ignition key is worn, and I need a new key. How do you program a new key, so I won't have to pay $100.00 to program it?

my AC just went out it was blowing very cool air than all of a sudden it just started blowing hot air i can not find the system

I have 2005 4 Runner
The dash started to splitting two month ago on the driverside. It continuing to run across the dash. Can this be repaired without replacing the whole dash.

Leaking oil and was told valve cover is cracked. Was told this is unusual to happen. Is this a defect in the manufacture ? There has been no work on the covers before.

I have been told it could be a head gasket or valve seals. I was wondering about how much this will cost to repair

My 4 runner is making a noise when going over bumps, sounds like an old car that needs greasing. I was told by Toyota dealer it needs struts and shocks and tires.
I am a woman and drive mostly highway miles, can't understand why it would have this problem, not even paid off.

need an estimate to replace the 4 wheel drive switch

1994 toyota four runner 3vze A/C magnetic clutch relay, location for 3.0L V6 engine

where is the a/c cut out relay a/c not working and tech diagnosed as the cut out relay, comp does come on with a jumper wire to batt. but otherwise will not

I cannot get the front washer fluid to dispense. I pulled the whole reservoir out and water flows freely from both the front and rear outlets. I checked the fuse and that's good (the rear fluid works too). Not sure what else to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1996 toyota 4Runner will not turn over or start. replaced battery, ignition switch, ignition relay, starter and pulled out half my hair! Now where do I go from here?

Water in the cabin only when it rains. Occurs even when parked. Removed door sill and pulled up the carpet. Coming in from the firewall not the door gasket. Have already sealed any visible grommets through the fire wall. What am I missing? Any schematic books out there with the firewall details?