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I cleaned out throttlebody and everything cleared up and went away. Drove around town for a while then on my way back home coming downhill again comes back on. Let it sit for a while come back out everything's fine drive around for little while happens again.
It starts to miss and jurk
All the tutorials have a screw-in type of ferrels, but my filter seems to have a slip-in type of connection. Do I need special tools for this? I would love step-by-step diy instructions if possible.

it will shift after driving for 15-20 mins. then stop for 5 mins. then start and drive it will shift. I changed the temp. sensors in the trans. and the engine. the trans was rebuilt about 10 months ago and works fine when it does shift. is there any way to by pass these sensors so the trans will shift into OD anytime?
My son's 4runner has some electrical issues going on, check engine light, maintenance light, Trac control light, jumps from FM to AM, spits and sputters when 1st cranking, temp goes all the way hot, then back down.O2 sensor maybe? Thanks
My car has a tough time shifting gears, and when it engages after pressing down it jolts pretty hard. It often wont engage and when it does there is the smaller amount of power behind the accelerator. I know it may be the transmission but is there anything else I could do before I drop 1500 on a rebuild transmission?
had the left front wheel bearing and cv joint replaced, also abs counter that goes in front hub. trouble since this repair. took it to toyota dealer for brake inspection and fluid flush. technician felt first hand the weak pedal. 70% of travel with 30% braking. pulled computer codes, nothing. he couldn't find a reason for weak pedal. this vehicle has the electric brake booster. one time its fine the next it goes to the floor, one quick pump and its normal again. all rotors, pads, and calipers replaced in august 2014. have tried all the usual procedures. what about bearing they installed, correct to abs?
It sat for 2 years in Phoenix heat. Replaced any questionable vacuum lines. Vehicle running rich carbon residue at tailpipe exit
Won't start. Won't junp. Cleaned terminals & Put in new battery. Lights work, Turn key, get 1 click, lights don't dim.
I was opening the door in below freezing temperatures and when I went to shut the door it wouldn't latch. I tried closing the latch with a piece of metal and that didn't work. Then I closed the latch with a piece of metal and tried locking it and now I can't unlatch the mechanism or even pull up on the lock. Did I mention that I can't get the key into the driver side keyhole to unlock it either as it has been stuck since I have owned the car. I just unlock the passenger side. yeah I'm cheap. :)
My daughter was driving and she told me the engine light came on and the engine shuttered and it stopped running. I believe if may be the timing belt but if I attempt to start the engine will it damage the valves or the head if it is not already damaged.

She was driving around 40 mph and it is a automatic transmission. I checked the oil and it is fine just to make sure the engine did not fail because of no oil.
supposidly repaired, return inspection, no longer needs emission ck because of age, yet computer, will not issue sticker, wants emission, and still "not ready. whats next?
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