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Is that a transmission problem almost absolute, or could it
possiblely be something other than the transmission?
Thank you for your time... appreciate !!
99 solara 140k. used the remote start, heard it start, then 6 seconds later it died as though the battery was dead. keyless entry was inoperable, etc. 12 hours later i used remote start, it instantly fired up. I drove it around for a few minutes then left it over night. 2 days with no problems, drove fine. Leaving work, while driving, it seems as though it literally shut off for a fraction of a second (radio turned off, ignition beeping, car jerked). next 2 days started up fine, no issues. This morning, dead again, didn't even start and then die like the first time. No cranking, just dead. Will try to start it when i get home from work tonight but I am very unsure what the issue is. I have not tried jumping or anything yet.
sometime cars making noise which hurts and vibrate ears it fron right hand sight passenger sides took to lots of mechanic could not found whats wrong it it slow poising if drives for months you feel it 2014 corolla got 78000 miles on it thanks.
could this possibly be caused by a damaged engine mount..or ??
Body shop says not sunroof, checked and cleared. Soaking the floor only on drivers side,mostly back seat.
on my 2009 tacoma when trying to go from 2h to 4h green light for in 4wd keeps blinking
The trim on the lower corner of windshield on driver side has come totally loose. Can this be glued back on and if so what type of glue to use. Car is a 2014 Corolla.
Do all your repair pal auto shops accept major credit cards?
My t100 will occasionally not go completely in to park. My Reverse light in the dash stopped lighting up a while back thought bulb went out? Left lights on for a few minutes a couple weeks ago, when I went to start it acted as my battery had a poor connection can't remember if I wiggled the shifter and it started. This has happened in the past so I set out to clean the battery terminals, I noticed the positive which was copper was loose and could not be tightened, I purchased a new NAPA connector replace it on the positive lead, and charged the battery. The next day as I was pulling in the driveway, noticed all my dash and gear selector lights went out as I was putting it in park. I tried to start the pickup again and got nothing the clock and dome light dimmed as though I were starting, but no click or attempt to start as though the battery was dead. So I threw the charger on it for a while and nothing. I found my gauge Fuse blown, blows each time I turn switch on. Won't turn over.
I have bright lights,horn is loud - I do have power. I'd like to know if there's a relay or switch behind the clutch pedal that acts a neutral safety switch when the pedal is pushed down when starting. My starter isn't very old.(3 yrs. old) Any advice would be helpful so, I can correct the problem.
1994 Toyota Corolla 1.6 engine. Automatic 196,000km
Drove for 20-25 in 2nd gear on highway (went up to 120 a few times for acceleration but mostly stayed at 100km the whole way). (was wondering what the weird but subtle noise my car was making and why) and my bf noticed and shifted it back into drive. Nothing else happened and the temp gague went from 1/4-1/2 of the gague back down to almost zero. I'm in Canada so we warmed the car up for 15 min before driving. The car drove smoothly for the last 15 min of driving. Wondering if I should be worried, or get the engine checked? I over heated the engine in September when the power steering belt and alternator belt broke off, and coolant spilled everywhere. Just hoping I don't destroy my engine
Roads are slick just started car engine light and red LSD is flashing?
I want to change the fuel injector relay
why would my car not shift from 3rd to druve and cgeck engine light on?
It turns over but wont crank .
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