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once my 5 speed 2000 toyota warm up after I drive about 2-3 miles my truck will not shift into 1 gear nor reverse. What can cause this problem?

One way is to use the timing marks on the cam shaft and the crank shaft; one says to use the timing marks on the plastic cover the other says to use the marks on the crank shaft gear. Which one is correct?


The display buttons work the climate control buttons work but the radio buttons do not work is there a quick fix? I have checked every fuse for audio and change them out also checked all connections in the back of the radio and still nothing working do you recommend anything else or is my radio broke?

My Corolla's engine will not turn on. When the key is turned, you hear nothing (not even a crank). The starter was checked and it was working fine. Fuses were checked and they were fine. Ignition cylinder (where the key enters the ignition) is not broken. Auto mechanic friend believes it could have something to do with the factory security system. Please advise.

Is there a fill tube or is it on the differential

occurs all the time and the engine remains on unless I disconnect the battery

The grinding is from the differential

Car starts and idles fine. But will not engage into drive or reverse

What would cause the timing to advance more then 30 degrees causing a pre ingtion knock

Every time I attempting to drive it slips and won't move also terrible grinding

I need to know the approximate estimation for replacement of hybrid system radiator for 2015 Prius hybrid vehicle.

overnight. After reinstalling the battery , the truck started just fine. I let it idle to more charge the battery. After 2 hours the truck just stopped running. It will not start. All dash lights work. No starter click. Gas gauge indicates over 1/2 full. Truck is on street, not driven , just parked and running in idle, when it just quit running??????

The car has been doing this for awhile. Toyota dealer said it was something loose
Undercarriage. AnotherToyota dealer states it is the torque converter . Car runs fine otherwise just at that speed 35-45 mph. Probably occurs regularly

Only broke off the top fin. Wondering why it would affect me putting car in reverse.

When hot weather of 47c, strong fume comming out from evap canister, what would be the cause? What part to be replace or check? Ty

warm on driver side. I see in book several area where fuse wors AC . Is it possible that is what needed?

I just changed the water pump and the timing belt.

flashing light on dash not steering gauges. Blinks with motor off. "security"
Should it do that??

My car starts to stall when I slow down while the air conditioner is on. The temperature is fine. And this only happens when the air is on and sometimes when it's hot out

Key want turn can't take out of park

I started to remove the old couplings for the front drive shaft, there was no rubber conecting them ani more there where just flopping around, so i instolled new ones same size as the old ones, but now one side of the shaft will not reach the other end of the vehicle i hade no reference from the old ones i have rottated the new couplings and still missig a bout a 1/4" on one side or the other can you help please..

When the car is parked in the sun for a period of time the odometer and speedometer will not work until the AC is on for awhile

Wont start when hot, must wait to cool

I have a 1991 Toyota with a 3.4 swapped from a 99 Tacoma and I am getting no spark everything I hooked up truck turns over fine but not getting any spark kinda stumped on what it coul be any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated

Yellow triangle warning light and hybrid warning light both came on at same time while driving yesterday afternoon, 6/24
Car still ran fine to home. Parked and checked this morning. Condition still the same with both warning lights on.
Could this be a computer issue or what?
This is a first time problem.
Please help me. Thank you
This vehicle originally purchased in USA and shipped over.
It has NEVER been any problem till now.
I am a retired American (VET) living in Budapest, Hungary

The water blow back to the reservoir

My VSC sensor initially went out because of me. Let me explain. I was trying to install an amp for stereo, while trying to breach the firewall, I drilled through something connected to the VSC. I took it to the Dealership I bought it from, they said it was the brake boost system. They ended up having to replace the entire system. Upon saying it was "fixed." I drove it off the lot and not 5 minutes after driving all acceleration went out again. I took it back. After a week of waiting they said it was the acceleration system or VSC. And that there were sensors that could be out of whack. They replaced one of the two vsc sensors charged me for it. Then without even giving it back to me told me that the sensor replacement didn't fix everything and that an entire pedal replacement should do the trick, so I said go ahead, after all of this the VSC worked for about a month 3 weeks exactly and the first time I took it out over 60mph it went out. I'm beyond frustrated. This is just bad business to me. Am I being manipulated here? Are VSC's on toyota's this complicataed? Any help would be appreciated

Make sound like going over gravel, but im not going over gravel, toyota said to bring it in and see if i can repeat but that impossible