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smoke comes out continuously even after rev...

Hi, How much should it cost for a used rear axel, bearings, and all rotors. Thank you

My truck is parked in my yard and I cannot get it out of park

My car tries to start but doesn't. The battery, starter and alternator are fine. When I turn the key, the brake light comes on and the clock goes out. Can anybody help?

truck runs great didn't want to spend a $1000 s if I could wait .Did anyone have a timing belt issue and if so at what mileage ?

The car does not heat up. I have put card board in the front
does not seem to make a differece. The dash gauge never goes up unless you are just sitting. I replace the thermostate a couple of years ago.


My 1994 Toyota truck v-6 4x4 just dies when it gets an electrical current from the turn signal, headlights,shift to reverse, or turn on heater fan.No buzzers no lights no brakes no nothing its as if you hit a giant kill switch. It ran fine until the head gasket blew, since the old engine had 293000 miles no one recommended putting in new gaskets on it. So we found a 160000 mile engine at the salvage yard. So far so good, we used the old wiring harness, plenum and throttle body on the new engine. No spark so we cut our losses and took it into the mechanic. He replaced an injector and the mass air flow sensor and the ignition switch. Drove fine for about 1000 miles then out of the blue the turn signal briefly stalls the engine a little more each time until finally all the power is off and we are on the side of the road. I disconnect the battery and it starts and drives for a couple of days. Someone recommends replacing the ignition switch again and that helps for another 1000 miles or so. The mechanic checked all the grounds so I think thats O.K. Some where there must be a short - the salvage yard recommended that it could be the hitch wiring because everything that triggers the kill switch is related to the tail lights except the heater fan. I pulled out all the hitch wiring and repaired the wire splices. They also told me that the trucks sometimes get shorts from the bed to the cab - I found a rubbed area and fixed that. While I was under there I pulled all the wires off of the manual trans and retaped and checked for cuts or shorts. I thought that since the problem started with the engine replacement; perhaps I should check the engine harness. I started from the driver side of the plenum to the spark / coil and mass air flow sensor it had three wires that had rubbed together where you could see copper. Fixed and back together. Now the idle is great but still any use of turn signal, brake, heat kills everything and it is dead until I get out and disconnect the battery. Another ignition switch will fix it for a short time but I would like to get it once and fore all. Someone recommended the entire ignition switch harness but I don't see how that could get damaged. I removed the entire dashboard, instrument cluster and all the heat ducting looking for some mouse damage and found nothing. I'm in college so I have lots of time off until the 16th just not very much money. Thanks

car shut down when in reverse

My son was driving it off the freeway. He was on the off ramp when he started hearing the knocking. The dealer told me it was a bearing causing the knocking and was unreapairable. I would need a new or rebuilt engine.

no problems/80,000 miles

oil change for toyota corolla le-how often

code P 0420 came up on 2 separate diagnostic checks. autozone tells me it is a front oxygen sensor. 2 mechanics tell me the code means i need to replace the catalytic convertor. i recently replaced the air flow sensor.

The back end of my car shakes after it goes over 50 miles an hour. I have brand new tires. I checked the lugs. what could it be and how much would it cost to fix.

My van does not blow hot air from the front vents. it does sometimes from the rear, but its not too hot either. I replaced the climate control already, but Is this because of the heating core? anyone else had this problem?

When changing the ATF at 60K miles for the first time is it enough to just drain and refill?

What's the difference between a starter selonoid and a starter relay?

I have owned my 2003 Toyota Matrix since 2002 but just recently whenever there is a heavy rainfall I find a pool of water on the rear floorboards. The front floorboards are wet also but the rear floorboards are worse. I do have a sunroof but don't think that is the problem because the seats are not wet. Do you have any ideas on where the water is coming from?

Occured after a winter storm. Never happened before.

the maintenance required light came on three days ago on my 2009 toyota camry.

The electric window will not close most of the time without several attempts, sometimes turning a corner or turning the engine off and on gets the window to close little by little. Is this a switch problem or a motor problem? There is no problem lowering the window. How do I access the switch mechanism, does the assembly just pry out?

when driving on the concrete freeway that has the rain grooves scribed into the surface the steering wheel vibrates left to right. What is causing this?

The VSC warning light and the check engine light on my used Camry 2009 XLE turned on just after I drove it for few miles after purchasing it from the dealer. I took it back to the service and after checking it, they said that the sensors needed to be calibrated and promised to replace them soon since it is still under warranty. They informed me that the VSC warning sign and light will not turn on, but the check engine will be on until the sensors are replaced. However, the VSC warning and light kept going on and off again. My question, is it safe to drive the car as is at this moment?

are the plainun / iridium spark plugs one kind or are they two different ones .?

it is very quiet when start the engine with all the penal light on. trying continually for couple of times. it starts! this problem begins in cold weather recently

I have been having a problem with the TRAC warning light going on while driving around curves (ie. freeway onramps or connectors)and recently had two incidents where the car felt like it was stalling at speeds above 65. The front end of the car felt like it was stalling, losing control and struggling. Has anyone here had this problem? Was it expensive to repair?

hi, my belt tension pully is broken, do you know how much this may cost to repair ?

How long does a water pump pulley last in a camry le

Engine started running rough and finally quit. Found water in oil. Pulled head and had it reworked by head shop. No signs of cracked block. Thought it must have been a blown headgasket. Re-assembled engine and started it up. It is doing the same thing. My question is; can water get into the oil pan any other way other than a cracked block. I know the head is good. I am not familiar with this kind of engine setup in a car.

oil leak needs to replace timing chain tentioner oil ring what is the cvost