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problem is not constant. when happens can turn key off and on quickly 4 or 5 times ,it cranks.
efi relay was hot to touch,replaced it along with fuel acts like it wants to start but acts like no gas.
I've got gas pumping from regulator when checked.i cant

I park my car in the driveway outside. I took my car out one morning after a rainy day, and turned 90 degrees onto the street, it sounded like water was flowing from one end of the interior trim to the other. It also began to smell like mildew in there after a while.
i have not done any repairs. my car warning light is blinking after starting also how to reset it,
The hood is full of round bubbles. Some have popped and the bare metal is exposed. The rest of the car appears okay, Very disappointed with the quality.
replaced new spark plugs clean egr valve and throttle body no difference
The code said its a vss. Everywhere I go say they don't have one. There is a spedo cable. Is that the same thing.
it starts cold at around 2200 RPMs. I think that is to high and want to know what causes that and how do I change it? Is this a common problem. It has 125,000 miles on it. I just purchased this car.
This is the model with the sun roof. The auxiliary box in the ceiling contains the sun roof switch, 2 lights and 2 light switches. One of the light switches is broken and I want to remove the light bulb to stop battery drain
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