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This problem occurred yesterday @92,000 miles.I thought it was a common fuse , but all fuses appear to be ok. Any suggestions?
Thanks !


Had 4 new tires put on and when I picked car up, the daytime lights were on. When I withdrew the keys from ignition, these headlights came ON. I jiggled keys and lights shut off. Came back to the car around 2 hours later and parking lights had come back on. I was able to get lights to go off, but again 2 hours later, came to check on car and the lights were back ON. Got into car to move it for battery charging accessability. Went to check car the next morning and the lights had been on and had completely drained the battery. Mechanic has had car for a week and cannot find the problem. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Would appreciate ANY help you could give.

The original timing belt and tensioners were replaced 52000 miles because of a loud tick in the engine compartment. Recently I have noticed it is making a similar noise and it now has 140000 miles on it. The car is a 1996 Toyota Camry 2.2L.

HI, my trusty 92 camry le 2.2 liter (180,000 miles) is getting poor mpg (19) mpg (usually 30mpg)it has a very strong acrid odor from exhaust(non-sulpher or not rotten egg smell) NO check engine light and a slight idle hesitation. Car is maintained & has been tuned up @ 160,000mi.including new catilytic convertor muffler. does anyone have any ideas?? Thank you

turn the key off all lights etc always shut off. I went into grocery store for about 20 minutes came out and my headlights were still on.. How to correct?

I have a manual transmission and I have trouble getting into reverse in the cold weather

In winter weather, should track be on or off

The trucks engine roars for a minute or two when started then settles down is this a sign of engine trouble ? The brakes squeek when it rains and feels like they have no connection ,I need to pump them up to get the brakes to stop squeeking and feel connected, do they need to be replaced?

when starting the truck the engine roars for a minute or two and then settles down, is this a tranmission issue? When it rains the breaks squeek like metal on metal and I have to pump them to get the brakes to stop squeeking . What could be the problem?

I have replaced the distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil and fuel filter but i still do not get a spark. Any ideas?

How hard is it to change the pcv valve on a 2006 toyota tacoma v6

Car just won't start.not getting fuel for some reason. replaced fuel pump. replaced relay. still won't start. will turn over with starting fluid but won't stay running. checked fuses also.

1986 toyota truck 4x4, 4cyl, 22RE (fuel injection)
I have replaced all the hoses, tested everything that can be tested, replaced fuel pump, timing belt, O2 sensor, a few sensors, dist. cap, rotor button, spark plugs, wires, AFM, fuel filter(several times), cleaned EGR, EGR modulator filter, injectors, cleaned throttle body.
Dropped fuel tank and cleaned it. replaced hose from AFM to TB. Checked spark, good. Check compression, all 165 +- 5. Pulled spark pugs while running first 3 no change and fourth killed engine.
I lifted the rear end off the ground to check if the wheels are locked up, they moved freely.
my Dad bought the truck many years ago, it never ran right. First it wouldn't idle, to low, now it idles fine.
in 2wd, it barely moves, wants to die, in 4H it goes a little better and in 4L it doesn't move at all.
What am I missing???

07 sienna 3.0l it has gotten to where it turns over a long time before it starts cold, once it's warmed up seems to be ok.replaced spark plugs yesterday no change. no codes in computer, runs great. has 85000 miles on it.think maybe fuel pump?but only does it when motor is cold. thanks for any help.

noise is at all speeds and very loud at high speeds maybee front end bearing

loud loud noise coming from front end when driving at all speeds but alot louder at high speeds maybee front end bearings

How many hours to replace the cv joint boots, and much it cost

my brake light comes on from a cold start goes off after warm up should i be worried and ifd so what shold i have checked?

the driver power window stopped working without notice. Today I opened it to take a ticket from the machine and was unable to get window closed. I heard no noise at all. The other windows are still working.

I hear a clicking when I drive. It does not happen every time but more often lately.

my toyota corolla is made in japan,

mechanic said to replace pads , just had oil changed


If the timing belt would break, would it destroy the engine? I have different answers from different dealers.

Please let me know what it should cost for front and rear struts including labor

How much should it cost to replace front and rear including labor, i was quoted almost 1900

Torque specks & tightening sequence

2009 Yaris . Car idles rough and has strong gas smell. Been to dealership twice and has not found a problem with it. Thought it may need a tune up. Car has 60,000 miles. Gas smell just recently started this past week. Any suggestions.

I need a detailed picture of where the timing marks on the intake and exhaust should be with #1 piston on the compression stroke and the crank timing mark at 0

Hi, Ihave a 2004 toyota avalon with a vvt-1 v6 engine.Ihave been told that it has a timing chain.Is it a chin or belt?Which is true?And how much would it cost to change.THANKS