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car will start then i start driving an am-2 fuse will blow and shuts off engine and engine will not start put in new fues then engine starts and i can drive car but never know when it will blow again
AC works fine when engine is cold and as long as you are traveling at higher speed after first starting, when you slow down or stop it stops working and it may or may not come on again until the car is cooled off. Works really good when it is on.
but in high speed there is no missing at all.
When I'm braking abruptly, the transmission would fail to downshift to the right gear, and the vehicle would thump forward when it is almost coming to a stop, which is quite dangerous. There is no problem accelerating. So, how can I fix it? Would simply adding or changing transmission fluid help?
133K miles never a single problem was running great.i just had rear valve cover gasket, plugs, pcv valve replaced. car has always run great. never had a problem. since work done car idles fairly well but when in gear it tries to stall & I have to double peddle it for fear of dieing in traffic. i was told that it cannot be placed on a code reader. of course cannot get mechanic to return my calls. ive checked all wires & hoses i can get to or see. ive also placed a can of c-foam in gas tank. any other suggestions?
Everytime when I brake abruptly, the transmission does not seem to downshift to the correct gear. After about 3-second delay, it finally downshifts, and car thumps forward (quite dangerous). There is no noticeable problem upshifting during acceleration. Recently there was another problem that may be unrelated, where the engine idle speed at "D" or "P" dropped too low, but the problem was resolved after I cleaned the throttle and reset the computer (disconnected the battery).
the key remote and the dash clock and the garage remote go out we changed the fuse a couple times and in two weeks its not working again.
We bought our 2008 Sequoia in May 2009 (no production of this vehicle in '09) I just purchased my 7th set of tires as this truck eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have had the rear aligned multiple times with no improvement.

Is it possible that the weight of this vehicle is to much for this size tire? When pulling into a parking spot the rear tends to slide sideways if I don't crawl into a parking space - that has been a problem since first week of owning it. I love everything else about this truck but unfortunately this problem will prevent me from ever buying another.
91' Toyota celica, battery drains after car is off, it runs when connected and once it is running for an hour the battery will not drain for about three hours. This problem has been occurring ever since I bought the car.
I was told toyota has had alot of brake problems out of the later 2002 tundras if so was there a recall on brakes?
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