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a/c spills alot of water from under car

I have my power windows broken because the power windows motor does not work. The reason is the brushes which are in bad conditions. My car is a 2002 Toyota Corolla. If somebody can help me please I'll aprechiat it, thanks.

V-6 Camary SE, 2GR-FE (6F) engine . Check engine lt lit up . Pulled dtc po352 , idintifyer for it refers to ignition coil "B". Which cylinder does this reffer to for this vehicle ? Please, Thank You !!

The sound accelerates as the car accelerates.

The ck hybrid notification comes on for a few days and then goes off. It seems to come on and sometimes cuts the engine off, when I 1st back up. The large battery system was changed out a few mo back. That seems to be working fine, charging up and the gas millage is back to normal. Dealer ship thinks it may be the inverter their cost to replace $6500.00. What is your opinion?

What could cause the A/C to stop working after battery disconnected?

I looked at both fuse and can't find it

Air filter maybe pls ant advice would be appreciated. Thanks

well when I trun the car on the check engine light comes on an the VSC light flashes when it say its off

My air conditioning on my 2001corola s blows cold air with the air control on or also is leaking water on drivers side carpet.

why is my radio always staticy Everywhere I Go? no matter where I go there's always static on the radio it can never come in clear is there a reason for this?

I have a 05 4runner SR5. When I started to use the A/C. Over the lasted several days or so it started to make a whistling sound. Only does it when I have it on high.

My alternator is bad

Why is my car cutting off when I brake or turn a curve? And before it cuts off the radio cuts off and all the light on dash light up? Its also hard to steer when this happens.

Yesterday I had my exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, and two oxygen sensors replaced. Today while driving home on the Interstate in the rain, my radio stopped working, windshield wipers slowed to a snail's pace, and speedometer went nuts. I couldn't get consistent acceleration and barely coasted the short distance home. Could there be a connection with the repairs or is this a new problem?

Plugged in my gps and possibly pressed the on button for too long. Now my clock and radio do not work. Mechanic says the interior fuse box is getting no power. Is this because of the gps?

I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon with a dash light on of a symbol of a car that shows lights on on the back of the car? What does this mean?!

Took the battery off to recharge, and now the immobiliser is kicking in, and won't let me restart. How do i reet this please?

Buy 2015 Corolla S 1.8 L should I change the transmission fluid in it at 15000 miles

When I try to open the sliding door the wire or cable is loose and showing. It is preventing the door to open and close properly.

Bought my own water pump needs Labour done

Car will not open if I walk up to it and grab door handle. Also, Now must insert fob to start car. Changed battery on fob so that's not the problem. Could my small battery be going out?

My car just stopped me when i slowed down to make a turn and since then its has refused to start. we have checked the fuel pump it is working okay, we have checked the coil it is also working.

Been trying to blow this damn thing up for over a year now, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!! PLEASE HELP

Why does this keep happening?,how do I get it get it done right at low cost?

I ready check the engine control is good I supouse that the computer does not received energy 12 volt

My forerunner was turned off and I went outside the next morning. I heard a clicking sound and burnt smell. I had the starter and solenoid replaced and a new battery.

This noise started about a month ago. It was making the noise once in a while. The noise now happens all time.
There is no vibration or loose feeling when driving.
Are there any steps I could do to narrow down the cause? Also, could you give an estimate of shop cost to diagnose the problem?
Thank you for your help.

I just replaced the ball bering and put new tires on but I noticed when jacked up the wheel wobbles in and out a lot still I will be driving and it sharply swerves in just a little but I can feel it. I'm not sure where to start next. This is my daily driver and

I took the car for a wash, then the next day while driving my dashboard signals handbrake light on.
Also the abs and slipping light on followed by a 1 min alarm beep. Afterward it goes all clear.