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can you put wheel covers or skins on a 1997 2 dr 4x4 rav4?
Still clicks with new starter. Won't start what else could it be
This is heard every time I first start out and at maybe 10 mph.
I have 42k miles on my 2014 awd sienna with run flat tires. main part of tires have 3/32 of tread left, but inside edges of all 4 tires are worn to steel belts. Toyota service manager tells me it is a common problem with run flat tires. I know I need new tires, but would like to know what caused this wear.
Power steering pump leaks and wondering if a new one would be better than a remanufactured one?
Similar to an electrical motor that won’t work
Brake lights fuse from my tacoma 2001 keeps blown
I recently replaced all 4 of my ignition coils and had all of my spark plugs replaced as well, but now it's starting to misfire again and the check engine light is on. It runs smooth a while but then misfires especially while going uphill. What else could be going wrong with my 2003 Toyota Camry?
I got a check engine light a couple of months back. I took it to the dealer and was told all they had to do was reconnect the Purge Valve line. I just go the same check engine indicator and thought I would save $150 and see if the line is off again.
I bought a car and it ran fine, it needed a new battery. The car sat for several months, we charged the battery and started it several times until i got a new battery. We recently replaced the battery and now it won't start. Lights work and car doors unlock and it dings when the key is in the ugnition. But it won't start, no click or turning over at all. All fuses have been checked and are good. Suggestions on what to check next? I thought it may be a security setting but i can't find any info about it.
This year was a very bad year for the Camry. I am looking to replace the engine with a toyota engine from a different year. What engine replacement would be compatible with my Camry?
Signal lights in rear of car worked but the front one's didn't changed the front bulbs and then none of the signal lights worked but the hazard lights work. What could be wrong?
Dealer does a multi-point check during routine 75,000 mile maintenance and recommends several types of service such as throttle body. How do I know if any of these repairs are necessary as long as the car is running fine?
I have had a number of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Our 2017 Sequoia's engine fan is so loud that is I am at a drive-through I have to turn the car off so the attendant can hear me.
They don't come on so you can't do it manually
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