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Air condition works sporadically

Power locks only work on 2 back doors

Check engine light: have three opinions. 1) Need new convertor 2) do nothing 3) sensors need repair.

Could a minor transmission leak prevent the car from accelerating?

The higher the fan the louder the whistle.
Turning off the air and the recirculation buttons didn't make a difference. But turning off the fan did.
It also "appeared" to sound as if it was on one side only but that may be my hearing.

It is NOT the battery!
All power indicators are Strong!?

How much does it cost to replace transmission shift cable? Parts & labor
Please provide an estimate.

It doesn't have a remote, I just have to insert it into the car.

The column I installed was out of another tacoma. Would the security system have me locked out?

Bright to dim, now looks like they're dim all of the time. Any ideas?

Sometimes when I start my car, I drive a few seconds and all is normal, but then in a few more seconds the car will slow down a lot and very quickly and it feels as though the car is going to stop completely even though my foot is pressing down normally on the accelerator. In a few seconds' time the car picks up normal speed and I'm off as normal. I'm worried that this will happen in the middle of traffic as I'm leaving a parking lot and entering the road with cars coming up very fast behind me. This has happened in the last ~ 8 months on about 6 occasions.

My battery gage was running high so I changed my alternator and battery and unplugged my radio, but now it's either to high or so low it wont hold a charge!! Like it has a bad alternator but it test good and my battery is brand new.

Oil leaking in gaskets

When I put coolant in the radiator, the check engine light went out, could there be another problem I should have checked?

Won't start back up for about 10 minutes have changed the distributor, fuel filter, and spark plug wires

My 140amp fuse doesn't have power?

My car started after replacing alternator, Reyes to start again doesn't do anything no lights no click just a buss when I insert key

It just doesn't seem to have the power it need at all

Won't pass emission test

Needs both Knock sensor circuit and sub harness for the sensor to be replaced
Intake manifold casket set to be replaced
And Crossover coolant pipe and adding toyota long life coolant
The codes are PO174 And P0300
Price coasts please and where to take it
Thank you

Brand new battery in car and starter will eventually work but the positive terminal on battery gets hot even when car is off I have to un plug it so it won't drain and after multiple starts and drives lasting not more than 10 mins it won't want to turn over anymore sounds real weak. Whats wrong with it?

Replaced the TPS, MAFS, and the fuel pump truck will start but not run

I just don't know where the fuse box is

When driving 60 or higher and making a wide right turn or coming to a sudden stop my rear tire sounds like metal on metal ready to pop off.

So I took the water out so I could drive, it overheated and it would not start, so I changed the spark plugs now it cranks but won't start

I always check radiator nd had wster but just barely a tuny bit but ive noticed something leaking nd i dont hear fan go on

very random times- sometimes in winter or summer. never any similar situations like rain, car wash, etc..

does the convertor need to be replace also

The car starts fine. Seems to run fine. Is sitting in a parking lot, stuck in park. Will not come out of park, brake lights appear to all be working even though the dash idiot light is saying there might be a problem.

while I am driving , car suddenly no stop , I try to push accelerate Paddle ,but no response , I try to off & start engine no response