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I have a Cobra 75 WX ST and am wanting to mount the mic/speaker onto a black "block" to the left of my two center A/C vents. From what I've seen in other Toyota vehicles, there in normally a key that controls the airbags placed here. However, for the 2003 Double Cab Tacomas, there is not one there. This looks to be the perfect placement for my mic, however I noticed I was having a difficult time trying to put the screws in, I'm assuming because the plastic is thicker there. Not to say it wasn't do-able. I just became afraid that I may damage something behind it. But since there is no airbag key there, is it safe to put screws in it? My other alternative is to put it on the other side of the wheel (I bought a kit for a jeep that had the mount, and it also came with a metal frame to attach between the door and the side of the dashboard), but that would still include putting a couple of screws in, and I know there are wires from the fuse box tucked back there.
I suspect the car was jumped in reverse(black to red). When I got it the main fuse and efi fuse were blown. Replaced fuses and put in new fuel pump. It started right up and ran for 30 miles and then started limping. I limped it home an now it tries to start, even will run for a coipke seconds sometimes.
I cleared all other codes including p2196 now the P0172 code shows pending. I had to run the engine so that it would warm up to remove the 02 sensor and replace with a new one.
can i u a doner car or truck and if so which ones
I believe my truck takes a cable driven speedometer can I convert it to an electrical and how would I do that
All I have
This engine check sign cone mostly 3 week I calculated and all tym dealerships says ECM code . This car has onlt 3300 mile amd i am really tired of this engine check sign.
My car has remote start installed from toyota in december
My car will only mive if i put fluid in it every time i mive but Dont see where its coming out from
The timin is fine, the plugs are fine it's jut not firin like it should
What is the normal idle speed for a 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup 22-re engine.After it warms up
This is a consistant issue.
Ive have a toyota celica that has code 12 showing that will shut engine off after driving for a little while. After it aits for about 20 minutes starts back up and drives again for 10ish minutes before dying again. Repeats over and over again
Where does the fuse go for the fog lights
Trucks starts and runs fine after warms up,when I come to a stop,rpms go to almost 0.What could cause this?
When the car is turned on there is a red car with exclamation point and a fan in the back seat gets extremely loud . There is acceleration but it's so slow it takes almost a minute to get to 45 mph. Any way to know what would cause this
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