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How to turn the passenger airbag light off on the drivers dashboard?

I had tried and used the key fob and it seems like directly after the [passenger airbag light] came on the drivers dashboard and it won't turn off.
I may change the PVC valve in the Suzuki Verona EX engine, where is it located???

Please a detailed description to find and follow areas in the engine would be good. I don't fix cars often, but was told to change the PCV valve.
The rpms goes to like 2,000 to 3,000 then it's still sluggish. But reverse goes good.. what's wrong.. just started today..
I've been searching for a while trying to find front struts for my 2004 Suzuki no avail. I located a 2003 Verona that I may be able to get the struts from but I need to know if they will fit my car BEFORE I buy them because they're used so I can't get my money back if they don't fit.

Can anyone knowledgeable help with this question? I appreciate all help.
how much does a rebuild kit cost
My oil light came on, so I added 2 quarts of oil and it was too much. The engine sounded like a diesel truck. I emptied some oil out. The noise went away, but my mechanic says, at most he tears apart my engine and find leaks, thousands of dollars. Or I let him change my oil and try to reestablish oil pressure, 100$. I feal like I'm being swindled.
Pump and filter. Replaced2 coil packs all spark plugs and air filter. What else could it be?
This happens everyday.
Recently whenever the blower or fan is turned on at any of the speed selections for heat or A/C it makes a loud growling or grinding sound. What causes this and how costly is the repair?
Happens 70% of the time. I have to wiggle the key play with it for it to start
There was oil in the spark plug casing
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