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heater fan failed totally, fuse is good. Thanks, it's going to zero degrees fahrenheit!
replaced front blower motor relay (relay tested good) and fan still will not run, 40 amp fuse looks ok, display indicates fan motor is running and changing speed but fan motor does not start. heater hose pipes get hot when heat is called for. front blower motor does not start. How do I access and remove the front blower motor to test.
cant see any holes in floor, heat shield appears to be good. Thought maybe muffler getting too hot creating problem?
SOMEONE ON HERE SAID TO BUY A $3.00 plug to fix the problem. my ? IS IT IS A STRAIGHT PLUG DO I just replace the new straight plug with the old one because there is an round adapter that the light goes into and also holds the bulb in the rubber holder.if I do away with the round adapter how does the bulb mount to hold it in place.
everything works but wont turn over fan barly turns but does not seem to have any compression
The dims work both of them but no full head lights tried fuses and bulbs but no joy
Hissing sound coming from the heater
Now that daylight saving time has ended, it's still registering an hour earlier. I've tried all kinds of things, but can't seem to figure it out.
drive and he shuts down and i have started again he doest
After 100 kilometers the heater hoses broke, the colant was gone to the flor without water, the alarm doesnot work, it ruined the cilinder Head, its a 2.0 4 cil motor.
the aluminium its craked inside ( looks a like)how can y test it were can i buy a new one.
It seems my defrost isnt working and the front floor is wet
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