Suzuki Grand Vitara Questions

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I recently bought a small boat. When I went to haul it off I couldn't locate a wire tow harness. I just need to know if this vehicle was originally built with one or is this an aftermarket installment.
2008 suzuki grand vitara 2.7L v6...205000 miles...busted heater hose and discovered tan colored oil in the coolant. Changed all the hoses and flushed the system...drove it about 60 miles and after getting gas in the tank...the engine became hard to keep idled. After 3 starting attempts I get it home and pop the hood and discovered black oil in the coolant reservoir. Before jumping to the conclusion that it could be a head gasket is there anything else it could be that would be easier to fix?
It just started one or two week ago
What causes oil leak in 2008 Vitara
2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara. When I turn the light switch to auto mode, all dash lights dim out to almost no light. What's odd is when I fill the fuel tank, the dash lights up bright for about 20 seconds and return to almost dark dim.
Then back to 5th gear car continues with no problem
On the interstate for about 30 miles when pulling off the exit push in clutch engine dies but starts right back up
couple of hours
What should it tach normally?
When running stops by itself without brakes and if i need to move again won't run smoothly but with difficulty.
drivers side, daytime light bulb, low beam headlight
Cant find the gas filter.
now i must step on gas peddle harder to get going.
What do i have take off to remove and i stall my water pump
No acceleration when pedal is pushed AL the way down. Never ran out of gas or had this problem
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