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I was told I needed new struts. I took it to another mechanic for a 2nd oppinion. He said they are fine, they aren't leaking and they passed the test. I still hear a noise plus two more noises. One being a can rattle noise , the other one is it sounds like a space ship when I start the car.

Cd will go into changer, run for a few seconds, eject and display "error 4"

stopped at stop sign, check engine light came on and then transmission was slipping

After about a year of trying to figure out the problem with this car, I finally got it thoroughly scanned and received a P1779 code, an Engine Torque Input Malfunction. I was told that I would have to take my car back to the dealership in order to get the ECU reprogrammed and updated. Do I have to go to a dealership or can I go to a service shop? How much will this cost?

car will start but die after 1 minute when cold outside temp

it happen all at one when i was driving

Alright my car stopped shifting and the speedomoter and odometer also stopped as the same time the check engine light came on. i had it diagnosed at a suzuki dealer and they tried a few things but no luck. so they called a tech and they said the only way to fix it is to change the transmission. Now im no mechanic but since the problem goes away once the comp is reset that tells me its probably an electrical problem and im really thinking that changing the transmission is not neccessary. any ideas?

location of map sensor and O0 sensors on a 2006 suzuki forenza

I had two different diagnostic checks done, n two separate days. The codes are P0700 and P0705. Some of the probable causes are: transaxle fault, misadjusted TR switch, open or short circuit conditin, poor electrical connection, failed TR switch, failed or misadjusted TR sensor. What type of repairs and billing am I facing? Thank you.


engine revs when in drive or when ac is turned on

After driving car short distance, parked in driveway and noticed two small puddles of oil..mechanic says it is leaking under engine...not valve cover, not oil filter..what are possible causes...oil was not low when checked

had injuectors cleaned as well as entire fuel they say it could be spark plugs...any ideas on what should i do/ask

have used two bottles of injuector is still missing out..does it need fuel filter or fuel injectors

Ok when in drive something came up esides P R N D 3 2 1 What could that be?

went to change the pads and they were still good. now i have no breaks and cant figure out why

How much would or should it cost to replace the engine in a 2005 V4 Suzuki Forenza.

could it be a sensor or fuel filter? Thank you.

have look everywhere I can think of for the specs but cant find

wouldn't the driver's side regulator control all windows? they all stopped working when i was letting them down with the driver's side controller

The car runs fine. Then, when I shut it off, It won't restart for about 10-15 minutes. This just started happening.

I bought the car in Dec, Dealer said it was just fixed and was running great. Bought As-is. Turned around and found a leak the next day. Water pump needed to be changed. Paid Jeff Fields, Suzuki Almost $600 for that, Although they said the timing belt was fine and did not need to be replaced. Next day i noticed a leak and clutch felt as if it was not catching right, took it back... Turns out the EGR valve Gasget was not there, but instead had orange claking had been used as a temp fix, and The Clutch was about to go (as if the dealer hadent known). Anyways, I bought and fixed EGR Valve the next day. Didnt have the money for a new clutch right then.. I had just bought the car. A few weeks later I dropped it off at Suzuki Again! Picked it up after my taxes came in. So it was there for about a week. $900 for the clutch work, Apperently I needed A new flywheele but couldnt afford the extra $376 So my Dad I guess sanded it down and told them to use it. So in doing so Suzuki didn't call and ask me, they didnt warrenty any of the work. I throw a fit left, And 15 mins later it won't stay Started!!! I can start it, its fine for a sec then starts almost whuummuumming, lights start dimming and it dies!You can drive it for a sec, then it dies! Help Please

I first had a hose burst i replace it. A week later runs hot. I changed thermostat ($47.00). thought thats all i needed ,but now tonight while waitin for wife to get off work run hot while idling. Earlier i drove of town (Oxford) and back with no problem
What else do i need to BUY!!!!

When I am driving it accelerates and the rpms go up and then goes down.

my transmission cooler is leafing at the fitting and I need to check fliud level

Little less than 75,000 miles on the car. Recent head gasket, timing belt, and oil change. Check engine light on. Rough idling when stopped. Burning smell seems to be coming from rear drivers side, but also under the hood a bit. Seems to be occur on both short and long trips.

Have codes appearing

All of the remanufactured pumps are sold without a pulley and i have been told that you cannot remove the pulley on your current pump & put it on the one you are putting in. is there a solution to this??

When i disconnect the battery i am able to remove my key. Still can't shift out of park without using the shift lock release. Otherwise the car is running fine.

I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 116,000 miles on it. AFTER the car warms up (I drive around 5-10 miles) the car/engine will begin to hesitate as if the engine isn't receiving any power. When rolling to a stop, the RPMs will dive down to 0 and just barely keep the engine running, but when running properly typically the RPMs will stay above 1000 when idling. The exhaust smells like fuel that isn't burning and my exhaust pipe will "putt". Any ideas? My mechanic has replaced the housing, heat sensor, thermostat, bottom pulley, spark plugs, wires, valve cover gasket, and coil.