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What do I have to Remove
Door locks sometimes lock and unlock by them selves. Lights will not turn off have to disconnect. Had to replace water over flow today (nipple broke off) Did not allow car to over heat. Now seems to not start as smoothly and when in park you first step on gas to get RPM's up it sort of sputters? Not to mention almost threw up when saw worth of car. Nothing close to what I'm paying or still paying. Not even in the same solar system.
It seems like the throttle actuator may be the source of the problem. The engine surges intermittently. the exhaust smells very rich. when this occurs, if I regulate the accelerator the speed fluctuations seem to smooth out. I think the transmission P0700 and 161B, 0420 are symptoms of the fluctuating throttle.
Any thoughts or perspective would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
I put in 2 quarts and its still not starting
my car starts fine but as im driving ill get stopped by a red light. as I start to press the gas to go once again my RPMS will raise but my car will creep, until it starts to stall out. took it to a mechanic the check engine light came on but when codes popped up nothing for my engine. ive gotten in almost three accidents with this happening and they cant figure out whats wrong. ive replaced the radiator, they said that would fix my problem but it didn't. I need help
I just recently replaced all the valves myself when I bought the car a few weeks ago, i got the car running , but when i drive it for a minute or less it stalls on me, the engine is in great condition, i need to know if my transmission is bad or it just needs fluids
Or anything else . Please let me know asap , thanks
My transmission is sealed but I think I found the bolt at the bottom left side of my radiator to put it in.Is this the right bolt how will I know?
Happens a lot mostly after sitting in the sun all day.
Key getting stuck in ignition happens often.
Hold have way to floor to build up speed then some times kick in gear and I go faster there is some loud squealing
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