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I put in 2 quarts and its still not starting

my car starts fine but as im driving ill get stopped by a red light. as I start to press the gas to go once again my RPMS will raise but my car will creep, until it starts to stall out. took it to a mechanic the check engine light came on but when codes popped up nothing for my engine. ive gotten in almost three accidents with this happening and they cant figure out whats wrong. ive replaced the radiator, they said that would fix my problem but it didn't. I need help

I just recently replaced all the valves myself when I bought the car a few weeks ago, i got the car running , but when i drive it for a minute or less it stalls on me, the engine is in great condition, i need to know if my transmission is bad or it just needs fluids
Or anything else . Please let me know asap , thanks

My transmission is sealed but I think I found the bolt at the bottom left side of my radiator to put it in.Is this the right bolt how will I know?

Happens a lot mostly after sitting in the sun all day.
Key getting stuck in ignition happens often.

Hold have way to floor to build up speed then some times kick in gear and I go faster there is some loud squealing

The pw door locks continuoaly PPP up and down. Even when the vehicle is parked and engine off. I have to lock all doors with the key from the outside before they stop. When I'm inside of the car I have to hit the drivers side door lock control to lock all the doors to get them to stop while I'm operating the vehicle. Anyone else having the same problem?

I have a 2005 and its very easy to find

i changed the timing belt and plugs watched the tape on how to put it in time done that but will not start still why is that?

was going to replace camshaft sensor when I noticed the oil runs very rough, missing

Just bought the car

What is the spss light? Is it safe to drive with it on?

Jerking between transmission shifts; excessive jerking when on gas pedal.
Car has new head gasket. In an attempt to fix the issue we have put in new upper O2 sensor, TRS switch & spark plugs.
Nothing is working!
Any ideas?

At first a fuse for the interior lights and headlights had blown so i located it and replaced it. then as i was driving my speedometer did not work. my check engine light came on then the airbag light and then my power steering failed and my car died.

At first i thought it was the alternator so i replaced it but as i drove home the same things happened so im lead to believe its the voltage regulator.

yes all 4 and now I have a brake light on. I enjoy this car but it is nickel and diming me making me think I have bought a FORD Fix Or Repair Daily. Today I have no brake fluid wtf...this is a closed system where would it go I have no leaks according to the repair guy
what do I do next

I'm wondering how much a timing belt by itself usually costs, how long it takes to change, and an average/fair price to have someone do it for you.

i just did a head gasket job on my 07 forenza. i got it all back together and is running good but i keep losing coolant and it is going into my oil pan i think. my oil is milky but i don't see how it could be a head gasket. my compression is all in spec. plus i just replaced it. can it leak from my water pump? any help would be appreciated

The smell is like the antifreeze is burning on the moter it got put to a computer and got a code 3 and i dont know wat to do i have only had thid car for 3 months from a dealer

The car only has 60000 miles has has the head gasket replaced as well as new engine a year ago. They are telling me the no. 3 cylinder on the head is misfiring.I' .trying to find out average repair cost?

trying to swap motors and need to know if a automatic 2.0 will work in place of the 2.0 with the 5 speed trans