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I have no power when I press on the gas
Replaced the ignition
I was told that the 4-3 malfunction software update is no longer available. Is this correct? There was not a reflash for shift malfunction. I can not drive over 30 miles per hour on my car. If I do, I have to shut car down and wait a few minutes to reset and then it's good to drive.
Have replaced battery . Went out the other day was dead. Wipers have all together stopped now. Door locks click while going down road sometimes
I start it it runs but it won't go out of park. It acts like it's stuck in park. Push brake and all to put in gear and it won't go in gear
It displays 3 codes po3125,4021. Ive cleaned the egr but it didnt work. Today it was smoking a light blue smoke but no leakage that i can tell.
my car slammed shut down yesterday when I was trying to leave, it then would not start although I just replaced a new battery. this morning it did the same thing and slammed shut down while in drive mode.
What will happen
Changed my headlight switch and my high light will not stay on
I'm talking about a b16 or a b18, b20?
What do I do about my check engine light staying on ever since I change the thermostat the check engine light has been on. Also I change my Upstream sensor and now my car periodically stops when I come to a stop sign and mash the gas pedal
It has a plastic cover which my manual said to turn counterclockwise but it's not coming off.
does my ignition coil need replacing? it was running then just shut off an wont start, at all.
The low side not taking any gas
how can i tell
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