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I have a very faint spark when I connect the positive battery cable. When I connect it to a freshly charged battery all seems to be good but after the car sitting for several days the battery will drain and no longer start. I have read that a small about of spark may occur due to memory storage which I understand but should it completely drain the battery if vehicle is not used very often

Air control temperature and fan speed dials do not light up/work.

Got a sidekick. No battery in it to use as reference. Need to know which cable set is positive and negative. Ground cable only goes to one side, but some cars that is on the negative terminal.

need to find the bcm and no its not behind the radio.

I know my tensioner pulley needs to be replaced but could it be causing my crankshaft pulley to have to pull harder causing my engine to loose oil? My car is loosing oil very badly a quart every several hundred miles. The crankshaft pulley is squealing some as well. I just don't have the money to go to a mechanic and get charged thousands of dollars and possibly still not have my car fixed.

It's the upper mounting bolt for the starter and it's just hanging by one bolt and I don't know the size of the bolt

I need to know more about the check valves placed in the lubrication passages and other issues that can cause this abnormality. I tried changing twice the oil pump; All the crakshaft bearings are new; Changing twice oil filter; Checked the oil bulb; have install Pressure gauge with pointer and there´s the same low pressure.

Sometimes it will and sometimes it wont come out of park

I don't have any power in the fuel pump check relay and fuses and they are good

Normally I'm driving my car but suddenly stop and never start again I do know what is the problem.i have to change ingen?

looking for the mass air flow sensor on the 24 value twin cam engine. not the same as the 16 value

It drives but the engine rumbles

code reader said caticlac so I changed catlic converter but it still acts like someone shut off the gas while your driving and then after a minute turn it back on

Swapping motor an granny was wondering what models with the 2.0 would fit or if it had to b a forenza

Never reads current fuel level

The radiator is working getting hot top bottom and both sides but I can be backing up and it over heats then I have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for it to cool down with the car off and the heat on

.... sign when I press the eject button on the cd, all you hear is a eject sound but nothing else and also the window that's on the dash it doesn't show anything except for the passenger air bag, please help me fix it or give some pricing. thanks