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Is the PCV valve for a 2005 Suzuki Verona EX behind the engine on the Passenger side? Or the Driver side? Standing in front of the car looking at the engine.

Is the PCV valve for a 2005 Suzuki Verona EX behind the engine on the Passenger side? Or the Driver side? Standing in front of the car looking at the engine.

I need to change my Oxygen sensor cable for P2096 Post catalytic converter fuel trim (FT), bank 1 -too lean.

Where is the cable located and how do I change it???

How to turn the passenger airbag light off on the drivers dashboard?

I had tried and used the key fob and it seems like directly after the [passenger airbag light] came on the drivers dashboard and it won't turn off.

I may change the PVC valve in the Suzuki Verona EX engine, where is it located???

Please a detailed description to find and follow areas in the engine would be good. I don't fix cars often, but was told to change the PCV valve.

my interior light and trunk light not coming on and my trunk release not working

Just need to replace bolts but can't find specs

The car runs great no problems.. it has 111000 miles on it...

Under 80,000 front made a humming noise had it looked at and oil was on the front transfer case also the oil was low is it still under warranty

I have no power when I press on the gas

Replaced the ignition

Looking at buying 1.6 Vitara led
2016 5000 kl any issues with the vechile

I was told that the 4-3 malfunction software update is no longer available. Is this correct? There was not a reflash for shift malfunction. I can not drive over 30 miles per hour on my car. If I do, I have to shut car down and wait a few minutes to reset and then it's good to drive.

The bottom bolt will come out.

Check engine light came on a year ago diagnosed the front catalyst converter. A month ago ,light came back on ,diagnosis the same, front converter, what is causing this ?

lost complete power was told engine computer module control 3392078j00 went out. now told car has to be towed to a Suzuki dealer to program module to my vehicle, because Suzuki doesn't give out program numbers free. so far I'm in debt $1,300 now more. I'm a single struggling mother of 2 teen boys who I can't afford to keep full or current on their sporting feed. grrrr

The rpms goes to like 2,000 to 3,000 then it's still sluggish. But reverse goes good.. what's wrong.. just started today..

After the diesel gas poured into th we gas tank, I drove the car 200 FEET, my car bogged & the vehicle turned off, did not go back on. What do I do?

the timing belt broke

Have replaced battery . Went out the other day was dead. Wipers have all together stopped now. Door locks click while going down road sometimes

For a 2002 Suzuki XL-7.

The only I `have any lights to hold the switch back with ny hand I have replaced light switch and the fussesand relay can some one tell me what is wrong PLEASE was driving 2 days ago when this happened driving with lights on low beam the lights will only workif i hold back on handle

I start it it runs but it won't go out of park. It acts like it's stuck in park. Push brake and all to put in gear and it won't go in gear

It only has one big bolt in the middle. 2.0 engine.

Tha water tank boiling when stopping the car. I loose mount of water. Is it normal?

I reset the computer and now the AWD is off, traction control is off and abs light is on how can I fix it ?

Change spark plugs fuel pump fuel pressure regulator and still the same problem

I just opened the sunroof and it won't close. The fuses are all good so I don't know what else to try.

It displays 3 codes po3125,4021. Ive cleaned the egr but it didnt work. Today it was smoking a light blue smoke but no leakage that i can tell.