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Hi I'm having a hard time with my 2004 suzuki verona I'm only getting 1volts at the ignition coil conecter positive + lead when key is in the on position but I get good ground 12volts when test with multimeter. What could cause the low voltage at the power positive + when it should be 12 volts as well when key is in the on position

If I put it on vent, push AC button, it blows warm air, every so often will blow cold. But I noticed when I put on defrost, sometime cold air will come out of side vents.
I have no more details,This is what my
mechanic stated.
Then back to 5th gear car continues with no problem
On the interstate for about 30 miles when pulling off the exit push in clutch engine dies but starts right back up
I was traveling about 30 miles an hour. My car stopped on the road. When I got it parked and tried to start it, it turned over. no clicking sound, just flat kind of sound. HELP
I put to much oil about one quart and half so when I drained does the transmission oil drain also
When I take off the engine kick once I reach 30 mph why
Any help pls
How many hours should I be billed from a dealership to remove my transmission and put in one from a salvage yard.
Your best quote would be appreciated.
I have a 2004 Suzuki forenza! I purchased it in February and have had no problems at all with it! However, I let my sis n law borrow my car to go to her daughter's graduation, ( we live in VA daughter's graduation in DC). At 9:45 she calls to tell me my car drove great going up there! At 10:53 she calls to say my car ran hot and there's no antifreeze in it! She says she bought antifreeze to put in my car and it still ran hot, then she said she put water in it and drove to s mechanic who told her my radiator was cracked from left to right
Im doing the fuel pump i need to know witch one is the letter and number is the relay for the fuel pump
couple of hours
I bought this car so excited. A newer car for me! So happy I was gonna be able to drive and see my grandchildren and daughter.I made one 140 m round trip. Never got to drive again. Now no car again. I'm so sick that all my money went for nothing. Because of all the problems the pieces of shit forenzas. Lead to warped head
the A/C works but the blower fan is slow
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