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I have a 2005 and its very easy to find
At first it started with having to give the car some gas while in park after starting it to keep it running as well as immediately shutting off when going from drive to park. Then it went from that to starting fine in park, and dying(rpms drop to zero and car shuts off) when putting it into drive. Currently, it starts fine and runs fine in park, but when I shift into any other gear it dies, forcing me to give it some gas then put it into gear which I know isn't good for an automatic, but when I if I let off the gas like coming to a stop or turning rpms drop to 400 and then dies. A computer diagnostic was ran at a local repair shop and the guy told me nothing was coming up. He tried to, what he explained to me as, a system reset and the problem was still not resolved.
i changed the timing belt and plugs watched the tape on how to put it in time done that but will not start still why is that?
Maf code pops up p0102. Car runs with it unplugged. As soon as i connect it it dies. Replaced maf and still same symtom. code reader reads 0 volts on maf and tps. I heard if you disconect the battery terminals and hold them together for 20 minutes it resets.
my car runs fine and then out of nowhere while im sitting at a stop light it will shut down the check engine light comes on and so does the brake light. when it does this I put my car in park turn off the ignition and then wait 20-45 seconds (sometimes longer) turn the car on again and rev the engine a few times up to 5-6 rpm then put my car in drive and it will allow me to drive. Please help me diagnose this problem!!
I recently did tune up and changed two of the six coiles, replaced thermostat, the car feels like choking
When you start it takes a while to accelerate and won't pass 30 mph unless you press on the gas pedal hard.
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