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how many more hours to replace timing chains?moo
my 2006 Suzuki xl7 shows the fuel gauge as 0 on panel though the tank is full. But while driving the gauge moves a bit and at stops the empty light comes on . Is it costly to replace ? How can I take the gauge out without removing the gas tank?
Hold have way to floor to build up speed then some times kick in gear and I go faster there is some loud squealing
When lifted on a stand, the wheels have excessive play in the front end. The wheel nuts and bearings are tight.
Where is the excessive play coming from?
Both front axels,have an equal amount of play, in the left and the right.
I have no rear lights when I have my lights set so that I can see the dashboard. If I switch to a different setting where I can use the bright lights I have rear lights but can't see the dashboard lights I always have brake lights.
Sometimes the car will start and run then other times it will just continue to turn over and not start it stopped in the middle of driving then wouldn't start for 2 days then when I went back it started right up the starter turns over just fine
I bought a new Mazda so I parked my Suzuki in the garage. It was last driven regularly in February. When I started it last week and drove it, the yellow check engine light came on and started blinking. What could cause this since it was running perfectly before I parked it? Could the oil or gas have gone bad or settled? Any help would be appreciated.
Over heating gauge crazy
I have checked the starter the alternator and the terminals my ignition switch is messed up so I ran a starter button on it I have checked that to and I still can't find the problem can anyone help ?
The pw door locks continuoaly PPP up and down. Even when the vehicle is parked and engine off. I have to lock all doors with the key from the outside before they stop. When I'm inside of the car I have to hit the drivers side door lock control to lock all the doors to get them to stop while I'm operating the vehicle. Anyone else having the same problem?
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