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2006 SUZUKI AERIO FWD automatic transmission.
NO warning lights

Cold temperatures, Toronto Canada, highway speeds. There was no impact, no significant road disturbance. windshield split almost across the entire windshield. about three and a half inches from the dash. Is this a defective windscreen.

Back light hanging by wires. How do I reattach it? Do I need to take interior panel off door?

I thought maybe miss fire but I did a complete tune up. but engine is still shaking.

It does not speed up during this but sometimes it will stall while doing this?

Sometimes I'll start it, and it'll run great! I'll shut it off, work two hours, start it again, and it'll chug and the tranny will slip and catch. Is it a clogged cat? Can I just undo the collector and gut it? Will I need to install cheater sensors if I do? Some input on this would be greatly appreciated!

i have been looking but only find transmission seals ?

I have changed the fuel filter already

In the odometer rectangle the "D" will disappear and I get a flashing square with a horizontal line and a diagonal line from upper left to lower right. Happening with increasing frequency. Took it to a transmission shop and 2 mechanics and none of them know what the symbol means.

I have an 07 suzuki xl7 and it has about 76k miles on it. Well about a month ago we took it in to fix a broken sensor on it and asked why the vehicle would stall or not turn over. Well after the bad ice storm we just had my vehicle will not turn on at all! Nothing! No lights radio nothing! So we call AAA out to get a jump well that didnt work either and now my key is stuck and we cant get it out because the truck wont turn on or turn to the off position. This is the first time this has ever happened. Please someone help!

Also flashes 4 wheel drive when in 4 wheel low

What do the power wires look like and located and eye terminals

Are there any other wires that has to be connected.

There was some loose pieces of steel, maybe shim, in cambelt cover.Could they have jammed and caused the cam drive pulley to have moved?
Does anyone have any tips on fitting a cam belt to these 1.9ds?
It is a Renault engine.
Thank you

Need to test the solenoid switch and starter need wiring diagram but cant find one. Help

The gas door will not stay closed.

It keep blowing fuse an want let doors lock an saying truck is open. Is there any way to detect this problem. How do I fix it?

daytime headlights can they be disabled easily ?

new battery all lights light up when start but no click or crank

timing belt,thermostat, drive belt?

it will pop out of second when slowing down

power up blue/black tracer wire at fuel pump relay will start and die 10seconds-no fire at plugs unless doing same at relay

Need to change burned out bulb

hi I cant see the gear stick standing on d or n or r the bulb is not working how to change this bulb

Took it to a repairman he said its code P1061 or P0161..what is wrong?

where is the control module located for the 4x4

im looking for a cylinder head for my 2006 suzuki forenza. what year will interchange with it?

The car dies if no acceleration is applied

i was driving my suzuki reno 2006 on the fwy and for no reason the engine just stop runing and i can fixed since then can some bady helpe me

What is the life of Timing Chain in Grand Vitara 2.7L 2007 model?