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There was oil in the spark plug casing
Abs light is on.. My foot on the breaks but I can't shift from Park.. My battery keeps draining..
Differs from your estimate. Is this too much to pay?
Working on said truck which has a small 1/4inch ID hose which goes under intake manifold on left side. It is leaking coolant on top of engine block
I did tuneup air filter oil change estil feol
I got stuck on I89 in the State of Vermont. I believe that I got overcharged! I knew that my problem was an alternator. The Vermont State Police called a company that according to the VT Secretary of State has not been authorized to do business in Vermont since 2013!

The bill states:

Enroute Miles: 6.0, Loaded/Towed Miles 11.0. They had to use dollys because of the type of car. Total Cost for towing for 17 miles was $125.00

Then they had to removed the alternator & replace (for which they told me it would take 5-7 business days to get) which I supplied. The housing itself was cracked beyond repair for which the company that supplied me the alternator stated looked like someone "manhandled" it and didn't know what they were doing when they removed it.

They had to remove the engine belt;

They had to Charge the Battery;

They had to remove the power steering Public for the helt removal;

They claimed they had to remove one tire and wheel and torque to 90 foot pounds.

They claimed it took 4 hours @ $60 for a GRAND TOTAL OF $365.00!

The vehicle was towed on Saturday, June 7th, 2015. The owner (who by the way did the towing and repairs himself) told me that the car would be ready on Monday, June 9th, 2015. They hadn't started working on it until Wednesday June 11th, 2015. When they finally got the alternator out they told me it would take 5-7 business days to "obtain" an alternator! At that time I said I would locate one.

Within one hour after going to the shop that refurbishes alternators in this area they said they could not repair it (see above). They sold me a "reconditioned" alternator for about $140.00. I immediately took it back down to this repair shop. They then promised me that it would be fixed by 10 am the next morning. They told me at about 12 noon that it wasn't fixed; that I could not wait for it at their shop; and that if I didn't leave and not come back until they "called me" they would have me arrested!

I called the State Police and they claim that even though this company had been the subject of "numerous complaints" in the past; that they were not authorized to do business in the entire State of Vermont because of their issues with the VT Secretary of State; and that they had numerous violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA") including not a simple handicapped parking space as required by federal law that the State Police would not remove this company from the "rotational towing list" used by the Vermont State Police and local police agencies throughout the entire State of Vermont!

After finally picking it up (after having to rent a car from Avis at a cost to me of about $300) I traveled about 20 miles. The alternator light came on, and the car died. The belt on the alternator had come off and broke! I ended up paying another $145 for yet another tow and that repair!

checked the timing, and the wiring to camshaft sensor, all good, it acts like it is not getting enough fuel to start,
Today when I was driving to work I notice the temperature gauge in my car was all the way up to hot. The car was not over heating at all and it drove fine.
I need to find out if the oil pump is in the front of the motor?
Happens a lot mostly after sitting in the sun all day.
Key getting stuck in ignition happens often.
Do I need to drain the radiator to make this replacement?
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