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I can tap on the a/c switch and it will come back on run for 10 to 20 min then off again .Does it more often when it gets after noon heat

Did not make any noise .

we have a '95 Suzuki Sidekick JX...& found a '94 model & was going to try using the TPS to see if this was the actual problem...if its interchangeable...

I need to pull the bumper cover off my 2004 Aerio SX, but want to make sure it's as easy as I think it should be. Any tips on proper procedure for this minor project?

Part No: 38610-84F21

There is a humming noise or a swooshing noise coming from the front of the car it sounds like. It happens when I push the gas pedal. Then it stops after I let off of the gas pedal. What could it be?

There is a humming noise or a swooshing noise coming from the front of the car it sounds like. It happens when I push the gas pedal. Then it stops after I let off of the gas pedal. What could it be?

The car misses between 40 and 50 before and after and during idle fine ?

noise everytime compressor comes on

I am using a c clamp.

I own a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Sport JLX 1.8L. I replaced the battery and terminal clamps to fix the power loss. It turns over now but wont run. My uncle says it may be the fuel pump not working or possibly the fuel shut off if it has one.

Straight road car is fine. When idlejng no problem but when giving it gas it sounds like a bee buzzing but very loud could it be the cats? I had it ran at autozone and it says o2 sensor bad .

My mechanic diagnosed my non-working air conditioning system as being an electrical problem. He fixed that problem and said he put freon(spelling)in and came back and said the compressor needed to be replaced and it could cost $600 and up. He is trying to find the part now after I paid 213.51 for what he already did.

Standard transmission
Stalling at low rpm after engine has run for half an hour and engine is hot. does not overheat.
when i have my foot down on the clutch pedal the rpm's drop. when i release the pedal the rpm's come back up.
I recently had a bad oil leak, not sure where from. which was repaired. shortly after i started having this problem and it's getting worse.
I have no money for a repair. so, i hope there's a simple solution.
Any help would be much appreciated.

The airbag and seatbelt lights are staying on all the time when the car is running now the signal alert has started to occasionally go off as well please help any ideas??

They only go off when the car is turned off bad enough but now the seat belt signal has started to come on occasionally please any ideas would help ???

any Ideas please let me know am ripping my hair out and have little to spare

plus the speedometer is going up and down. this happens most when it rains. when the engine light comes on I don't have cruise.

bought car and was told gas was spilled in rear of car but it smells really bad even after i cleaned it up...coming from front vents in car..overwhelms the air...??? should i retrun this car to dealer/

ive already checked the timing belt and the spark plugs .... the fan belts wont turn .... my father seems o think its the fuel pump but i dont know

When I turn on the lights the light is bright like the high beams are on but when I turn on the high beams it dims almost out?

fuel pump becomes inop when turn signal activated

Problem started about a week ago. The air conditioning light blinks on and off continually as I drive. Also, my outside temperture gauge is not working and this occurred at the same time .

when I turn key lights on dash board come,but no current to starter

My vehicle is chugging. I think it's the fuel filter and hoping it's not the fuel pump. I can often smell fuel in the vehicle.

some times I cannot get out of neutral, sometimes is hard to get into any or all gears mostly reverse

today after driving 25kms i stopped the car and heard a sound like air blowing out under pressure it was coming from the rear of the motor, there was also an oil burning smell, when i was driving back there was a grinding noise, could have been coming from the crank and only when i pushed down the accelerator, it steadily got worse so I stopped and there was burning oil smoke coming from the motor, there seemed to be a small amount of oil sprayed out of the fly wheel, any ideas?

Just need to know how long it takes to fix as well

It fumbles when I stop and smoke from exhaust

Brake lights not working properly, I've checked the bulbs, not the issue, also lights do come on occasionally. Need to Change the switch, however finding it difficult to reach. What is the best and easiest way to replace, and is there a video to help guide me. ....