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Shops cannot find problem. Differential fluid was one guess but it's fine. weather is hot
Best way to remove ECM
It seems like the throttle actuator may be the source of the problem. The engine surges intermittently. the exhaust smells very rich. when this occurs, if I regulate the accelerator the speed fluctuations seem to smooth out. I think the transmission P0700 and 161B, 0420 are symptoms of the fluctuating throttle.
Any thoughts or perspective would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
I'm assuming I goofed somewhere and everything needs done from scratch.
Setting crank to 12
Pulling timing belt off
Setting cam to #4 cylinder valves closed(checked by blowing hose)
Putting belt back on.
Turn two revolutions on crankshaft to relieve tension on belt
Set #1 cylinder to tdc with valves closed(checked by blowing hose)
Checking that rotor is at 1 oclock.If not pulling disty and setting it to 1.
Is this correct?
I was told the ECM had to be replaced. Since I never had a problem with ECM and my car not starting before timing chain repair, could the ECM have been damaged while replacing timing chain or the connections to it.
I put in 2 quarts and its still not starting
Every now and again it happens while I'm driving. All four locks will rapidly lock and unlock, or sometimes just lock, on their own.
That's stressful enough, but it also happens when my car is off. Like when I'm sleeping or at work. I'll go to my car to find all four doors unlocked. I'm sure it's electrical, but further advice would be great.
Please and thanks.
It was working fine this morning on my way into work then at lunch when I got in it would not blow anything. I cant hear anything either
it cuts off when i stop and runs awful when it cuts off, i have replaced timing belt, spark plugs throttle body but the issue is still there, the air will be running too but if i cut the air off it idols back up, i have spent alot of money on fixing this but i have had no luck, do you have any suggestions?
my car starts fine but as im driving ill get stopped by a red light. as I start to press the gas to go once again my RPMS will raise but my car will creep, until it starts to stall out. took it to a mechanic the check engine light came on but when codes popped up nothing for my engine. ive gotten in almost three accidents with this happening and they cant figure out whats wrong. ive replaced the radiator, they said that would fix my problem but it didn't. I need help
On a regular bases free, is it the timid belt?
It's been like this for a long time
My Suzuki Vitara, 4-cylinder , 2.0 when the engine is running for a while in low revolutions suddenly stops and does not start up after about 15 minutes. At the time of the problem when I try to start the engine pulls escape explosions . If for a moment I can start it does so much failure that increases as you accelerate . After a while I started off normally. Someone who has an experience like this?
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