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I have seen on you tube for older, pre 2013 crosstreks that the pressure sensor switch is located behind the alternator. I haven't taken my alternator off, but I have used a mirror and do not see the sensor.
I have 2013. can you help me out. is it that well hidden?
Low beams are always on when car is in gear despite switch position
I have a failure code for a crankshaft sensor ide like to physically test it before I take to dealer . Car has 52067 mikes is all
No noise just stopped working after oil change and inspection today
The Subaru MAP-update procedures describe downloading the maps onto a subaru sd-card and apply the new maps thru an USB SD-Card reader via a USB-hub.
My problem: can't find an sd-card in the 8-inch headunit.
Any suggestions how the updates are done?
If possible at all: I like to add European maps onto my US-built Outback
I have a 1998 subaru legacy outback. Do all hoods have scoops in 1998
Have a 2010 Subaru Legacy an my check engine and traction control lights keep coming on solid light and the break warning light an cruise control blinking all at the same time reset it once an it happened again in less than a week car still running/acting/sound is normal Was Suggested its because of the battery it will need to be replaced
So I am wondering what your opinion is on why it's happening thank you for your time and look forward to your response
The battery and all accessories work, the engine starts when I get in and then it all shuts down. I try again and again straight away and get the same problem.
I have to leave my car for an hour to try again and it’ll work. It’s been doing this once every couple of weeks.
Hi! Changed from winter to summer tires. Got an Info light on ...oil engine pic on...eyesight pic on and another pic on. Oil is fine by the way. Should I take to the dealer or will it work itself out.
Cold start no problem. Changed fuel filter no change 1999 subaru outback
One day gas pump just started stopping as if tank is full
The headlamps have been replaced 3 x that I am aware of, most recent was two days ago. The running lights work, but the main large headlight only works on high beam. I just purchased the car this week. I do not believe that either recall/repair offer on this vehicle have been taken care of. Please, someone, have mercy!
At first engine was difficult to mate to gearbox(auto) but finally went together. After install complete, started right up and drove perfectly for few days with limited miles until noise began. When iremoved old engine, torque converter was still bolted to flexplate. Install was also done with torque converter attached to engine.
The head gasket on our 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon has been leaking for aprox. 1 year. How likely is it that the cylinder head has been damaged - needs to be replaced? I've been told the condition of the head can not be determined until the replacement is underway, is this true? Many Thanks.
Just need the physical location of the dtarter relay
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