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Ok last night it was around -12 with the wind chill and my Legacy wouldn't start. All the lights turn on, AC and heater work, head lights work, moonroof works and car is alive but when I start her she just won't turn over. Any one have any ideas? Car is good condition, always followed routine schedules and has 78k miles. Any help would be appreciated
This happened all at one time.
Bought 96 Subaru from a friend. Ran good and everything, just needed a new rear diff. So I replaced rear diff. and went to start it. It starts, runs up to Idle and then shuts off. And the when this happens the at oil temp. light turns on and then flashes. The only way it will stay running is if I manually keep the rpm's up.
Just started
idk what the problem is. ive checked all hoses. everything I can think of that is simple. the AT oil temp light will blink when u start it then if you don't keep the engine at 2k rpms it will die. sometimes it will run on its own for 10 20 even 30 min then it sputters for a few min and poops out. ive heard of a sensor in the tranny that causes this AT temp light but those people had tranny problems too and my tranny works great when the silly thing stays running. any ideas since dealers don't like to give out sensitive info lol
Manual is no help.
Prior to my purchase, the car has received:
NEW water pump, hoses, head gaskets redone or replaced (sadly, I don't know which) Timing, alternator and belts. The engine has 101,689 original miles.
I notice a burnt oil smell when I get out of the car after driving. Ideas? Oil pump? Seals? Thank You!

220,000 miles, manual transmission. Car worked fine this morning, 5 PM car started fine, can't back it out of driveway without lots of grinding and needing to be heavier on the gas. Feels like brakes are frozen. Can back it with difficulty and forward does the same thing. It is very moist outside, almost like fog, 33 degrees for several days and I did wash the car yest. and underside. Just had oil changed and fluids checked last week. Sway bars due for repair tomorrow.
has 191,782 miles on it.
I changed spark plugs, wires and air filter. Has 191,762 miles on it.
noted when driving a few days ago in drive all seemed well.

shifting to lower gear results in anoisy thump, thump when moving
The button is broken off on the door so the light indicating that door is not closed stays on.
Approaching an intersection the light turned yellow so i hit the brakes pretty hard, not screeching, and the car died. All indicator lights turned on. Checked battery, 12.7 v, so good. Checked 1 spark plug and it seemed fine. 69k. any ideas? i can't find anything online that actually resolves this problem, but i have found others that have had it. thanks.
the clutch adjustment seems right and fluid is topped off. read about backflushing the system. how is this done?
It happens at odd times and not always very strange one time it even beeped which normally happens after 3 clicks on the fob any ideas?
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