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I have a 1996 subarulegacy the Subaru Legacy Wagon that had a bolt break off that holds the belt Idler on. I removed the broken bolt from the engine and replaced it with a new one. Then I put the radiator and other things back together and tightened the belt Idler on. Then I tried starting the engine and it turns over but wont start. Maybe my timing is off or it jumped on me when it originally broken off. Please help me with any suggestions and if you have any questions about the car feel free to ask
When you start the car both sides of the front fenders get hot but the no overheating on the dashboard controls.
are the wiring harnesses interchangeable from a 2.5 to a 2.2 1999 Subaru legacy l.
Light turned off by stays on all the time, noise level out of control. Can I drive without damaging the car more and is it safe to drive?
He taps on the starter and it may or may not start. Now the check engine light is on.
The problem use to happen a few times a month. Now it's a couple times a week. Thanks
I've checked all the electrical including fuses.Pulled the interior panal to view the auto lock assembly and had someone lock and unlock the door using the outside key lock. All the parts that are supposed to move, move and door won't open.
What do I do next?
It's hard to take the car out of park. It can be done with a little force and turning the steering wheel a little. Once it's in reverse or drive or neutral, it moves just fine. It even moves back into park and out easily as long as I keep the button on the shifter pressed. Is that the solenoid? And yes, I have brake lights
all wheel drivejust happen all of a sudden.when I put the trans in rev I call fell something like it goes in to gear butt nothing happens
There is a small piece that is broken where the roof slides back and then forward. Once open it would not close- I had someone get it closed but it cannot be open again or it will not close properly. I was told the whole frame/mechanism had to be replaced- which is quite expensive
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