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A 1998 Subaru Legacy l wagon could have either a 2.5 L engine, or a 2.2 liter engine, isn't that so?
Does gas tank have to come out to pinpoint a leak in a brake line on 1998 subaru wagon?
Or a sensor.
Im trying to order some front axles for my legacy wagon AWD. Everything I find keeps saying "non abs" in the description. My abs is disabled anyway because it would continue running after I shut the car off so I don't really care about abs. Can I put "non abs" axles on my car and call it good?
Thanks for any help and sorry if this question has already been answered.
while repairing heads the lifters were knocked off and mixed up
working on 1999 leg. outback dohc , with motor in car
while repairing heads the lifters were knocked off and mixed up
working on 1999 leg. outback dohc
at oil temp light flashes
I had my battery tested and they told me it was in good condition. I have just recently replaced the alternator so I know it is good. Jet if I let my car sit overnight the battery is dead in the morning. If I disconnect the battery it holds a charge just fine.
I purchased a 2004 subaru legacy anniversary model used. It now has 130,000 miles. Since I have had it I have had to change the rear rotors and brake pads 3 times!!! Anyone have any ideas why?
I pulled the starter and had it checked it is in great working order, for the last year sometimes i turn the key and just get a click and sometimes it started, the last week i cant get it to crank over even with jumper cables.. all the lights work inside and out.. I noticed when it got hot outside the problem got worse, so where ever i went i had to keep the car running encase it wouldn't stat again .. so now it is parked in driveway. will not crank over, when it did crank over it started up right away .. i REPLACED the alternator, battery, and starter 3 years ago.. any help on what to check now would be greatly appreciated .. thank you
If i continue to buy spark plugs, replacing the damp oil ones the car will start. If i need a head gasket, will the cost of repairs, be expensive? and how much if you know? Every time new plugs is replaced they r getting wet or damp from oil getting in plugs. The only way i can get the car to start and run for a short while at least for two weeks is to keep replacing spark plugs.

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