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I have a 1998 subaru legacy outback. Do all hoods have scoops in 1998
My motor is from a manual transmission but my car is automatic .I have a tranny fluid leak & I'm wondering if I'm over filling it .
My car started running rough while driving. No pick up and when I popped the hood the transducer was melted. I replaced it and that melted too.
what happens when #4 cylinder is low compression in 1999 Subaru legacy outback looking to buy a used vehicle but concerned what if any repair from this issue
when shifting gears and clutch is let out the car makes a grinding noise almost sounds like a brake dragging shifts fine brakes work fine check engine light also on and sometimes abs light
i took off the alternator and took it to autozone to have it tested. it failed so i figured i had a bad alternator. Replaced it same day and now it sounds worse. it doesn't sound like it gets spark or proper ignition. no check engine lights on. also noticed a oil leak coming from the oil pressure switch underneath the alternator.
I bottomed out in someone driveway now my gas has been leaking out from bottom of tank is there anything i can do besides getting a new tank that wont cost alot of money
I cleaned out the gutters in the sun roof. I pored water into the gutters and watched the water flow to the ground behind the passengers side front wheel. On the drivers side, I poured water in the gutter of the sun roof and watched the water fall from under the dash to the floor board next to the wheel fender. How do I replace the hose that seems to be missing on the drivers side?
I changed the waterpump, the radiator, the thermostat, and even the radiator cap. It is still running hot when you drive down the road but don't get hot at idle.
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