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i have no codes detected/and no check engine light/ but when i press read codes i get one/is this a pending code
i look with a mirral inside the hole what sure i do
i look with a mirral inside the hole what sure i do
Just bought this car and the speedometer cable says I'm going 110 when I'm going 40. It bounces all over the place.
I have a '94 Impreza Sportswagon which I purchased off a good friend. The car has done 350,000+ km but has a reconditioned engine 60,000 ago. I recently took the car on a long trip and the radiator cooked, so have replaced that as well as spark plugs as it was turning off when in low revs and generally driving strangely. The final issue is that it seems to seize or misfire when driving, particularly around 2-3RPM, or when about 90kmph in 5th gear or 50kmph in 3rd. I will be accelerating consistently and then suddenly feel as if I braked, like the car is misfiring or seizing up. Happens momentarily and then accelerates as intended. Have taken it to the shop several times and they don't know... Any ideas?
Lights acts like its gonna turn of all the time
pretty much when I'm driving I hear a dingling sound coming from what seems to be between engine and tranny. It started bout a week ago. Is this a transmission problem? If so what do I need to have fixed or replaced? Can you help me figure what it could be.
While stopped, the people I speak to tell me the phone sounds fine. On the freeway at 65 mph they tell me it cuts out or it's fuzzy or they only hear some of my words. I don't remember having so many comments on this problem when I first got the car 2 years ago. It has never been as clear as my husbands Honda though.
Ive changed thermostat &hoses
One month now,when arrivingI
I bought this car in January of this year and the lights worked well for about 7 weeks. Then one night I got in to go to work and they didn't come on. This is an issue because I work graveyard shifts and need to see in the car before I get in.
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