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Transmission is not working, warranty company says it is not coverd because failure probably causes by line failure from rust. I am wondering why this happen on a subaru with only 77K miles on it.

Won't shif sometimes. Stays on 3rd. Starts out in 3rd, won't shift manually, if with manual button pushed in. Feels like it's trying to downshift while it's stuck. Can't find a pattern, but it's happening more often. Checked fluid level

when i have it in automatic it revs into the red before sometimes shifting into third but when i have it set in manual it shifts just fine.

This problem occurred after replacing both rear wheel bearings .

I cannot shift into reverse at all. First gear is also very hard to shift into.

It happens when the rpm go down

If I move steering wheel position and restart (can take ten tries), will eventually go into gear and drive fine. Have had 'brake start selenoid'(I believe that is what it is called-not mechanic) replaced twice in past for same issue, but without ABS and traction control light coming on. Any ideas?

Wrx sti type r coupe. Driving along and started hitting limiter by it self. Was not the cable as pedal didnt jam so wat culd it be? Culdnt get it to stall so had to cut cable and take off battery terminals to kill it

I own a 1993 Subaru Impreza L Sedan and if I put my car in park, the shift will get stuck and I have to fight with it in order to get it out. Does anyone know what would cause it to get stuck?
Thank you in advance!

I have an '07 Impreza 2.5i w/ 67k. Lately I have experienced two things. 1. a grunting from the suspension on take offs and stops and 2. a chirping or whining under acceleration that stops with the upshift. No codes. have checked and fixed heat shields and tried temporary silicone to isolate grunt as there are no greaseable fittings.

I usually take care of things myself but the problems I have now require tools I do not have. Basically the engine needs to be lifted to replace one leaky seal in my 93 Impreza. I do not want to spend a lot of money on this car. Any suggestions?

After around one minute on idle, rpm is going down slowly and then stop, no light appers before stopping, just like if i turn the key to off... And after that when i trying to start the's start then notting, it can take up to a minute to restart (10 try) and after it's start for real and run very well like notting happened...
The car is 2 years old and 37000 km. Subaru dealer did and update on engine computer but noting change, problem still there...
Can you help me?

I have noticed my driver side door holds water when the car is washed or it rains. Instead of the water coming out of the bottom of the door when it is closed the water sits until the door is opened and then pours out. Is this normal? if not is there a fix?

I just recently purchased this vehicle from a coworker and I was on the way home from work one day when I noticed the vehicle started to overheat so I immediately cut the car off and coasted to where I could get off the road to avoid traffic. I later went back and checked and the whole block was covered in antifreeze and had a strange smell to it. I got the vehicle to where I needed to go and after work today, I started to check to see if the thermostat may have been causing a clog (if that is possible) and I was having trouble getting it out.

With everything plugged in my Subaru revs to 7000 rpms and stays there when we unplug the idle air control sensor it revs inbetween 500 and 2500 rpms. I replaced the idle air control sensor and the tps and its still doing the same thing. Any ideas what could be wrong?

plug #3 is misfiring

brought it to a mechanic he replaced the relay for my motor blower resistor didn't work . we bridged the wiring and the fan speed works on 1-4 when it is bridged still not able to use the recirculating, a/c, or rear defroster buttons.could it be a bad switch for the fan speed and all of my buttons? thought about maybe making a toggle switch for the heat to come out when needed.

When accelerating, the automatic transmission smoothly shifts from 1st to 2nd, but won't go into 3rd. Instead, it winds up the RPMs, makes a loud popping sound, and lurches. Is this necessarily an expensive transmission issue (which would 'total' this aging car), or possibly something more easily repaired?

last weekend a/c compressor went bad (loud sound like metal to metal grinding almost, when the fan was off it was still running like it hadn't disengaged from what it was doing, when the fan was on it muffled the sound a little not by much though), resulting in the belt snapping, which is not an issue to me at this time. shortly after the compressor started going crazy my fan crapped out on me doesn't work on any speed no heat is coming out of it at all. My rear defroster, a/c, and recirculating air buttons do not work . its a manual fan 0-4 i've checked fuses tried to find the relays and checked under my glove box to see if the motor blower resistor is shot . if anyone has any information as to what it could be id appreciate it .

We found a small external head gasket leak on the front left side on my impreza. I have jumped on it early, and have a fair amount of cash to invest into it.. What else should I replace? Any advice for the repair itself?

Timing belt, water pump and pulleys done about 4k ago...

5speed manual 2.5 non-turbo.

It is cold outside and the sound goes away after the car has warmed up but it is concerning.

1st time: The dealership switched the oil supply valve(osv)
to see which one is malfunctioning. Bring it back
when check engine light goes back on (mileage 600 miles)
2nd time: Check engine light went back on. Dealership says they will have to replace the cam
gear shaft.(Mileage 1100 miles)
Do I have a lemon? Help!

the car drives fine i bought it in april of this year had to replace the fuel pump in july after making a trip to PA from ME. i have since made another trip to PA. on my way down i noticed it was bogging out when approaching either a stop light or stop sign or when i release the clutch . other than that the car drives perfect . i was thinking maybe it need a tune up or a new alternator ? it idles down past 1 on the tac but not below 0 it goes to the dash bewteen 0&1 so .5 ? once it does that it spurts back up to around 1 when ive completely stopped. not really sure whats going on with it just looking for some insight . i was going to get some new spark plugs and wires soon and try that work my way up do a process of elimination

Will Subaru reimburse for this cost? I've replaced twice now in 125k miles. What is the expected cost to replace? Also had a transmission linkage problem. Cost me $500.

I would like to install fog lights in my 2010 Impreza 2.5i because of course the base model does not come with them. Can anyone tell me what the process is to installing/ordering them. Do I need a kit or just the lights themselves and price on this. Also, does a toggle need to manually installed or do the fogs come on automatically when the headlights are on. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks.

would it be less costly to get the motor rebuilt, it has a flood/salvage title. the engine turns, but wont turn on

it had previous fresh water flood salvage title. the engine turns, but does not turn on, what can i do to fix the problem?

The heads were recently replaced due to a break in the left side head. While my girlfriend was driving to work oil poured out of the plug on the right rear head and onto the exhaust. The plug pushed back in easily with my hand. It must not be installed properly.

My wifes Impreza at 80 km/h slowed down and stopped, the cam shaft pulley broke. Subaru put it down to carbon build up and too many short trips. Only 4 years old and 26,000 ks. It has been seviced on time every time. Subaru will pay for all of the costs which we are grateful for. what is the chance of this happening again? My wife want to buy another car, kind regards Derek {Delboy}

2012 Subaru Impreza,how do i turn off the seatbelt buzzer when there not buckeled and someone is in them.has no infermation in cars book.