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I used an older ford coolant premixed green in my Subaru Impreza sti by accident. It was only in for two days before I drained and flushed and used the Subaru blue.

I think it might have messed up the seal on a new water pump. A little coolent is leaking right above the thermostat.
No white in waterpump and timing belt cover. White spots all over engine compartment. Like sprayed from fan.
And out of both caps, but I think I spilled.
Noise coming from left front tire
What can I check to see why no cylinders are getting fire to them?
Told the dealer I had a code P1875 (DCCD circuit issue) and they spent ALOT of time troubleshooting the issue. Turned out to be burnt wires under the driver side fender. How much time should it take to get to that point following the diagnostic procedure? 90% labor for trouble shoot, 10% cost to repair.
My Sti's been sitting for about 3 and a half to 4 years without being turned over don't hate me I got in an accident smashed the radiator, bumper mount, and fans the serpentine belt riped and didn't have the time or money to fix it I need to fix it besides replacing those items I know I'll need to drain gasoline and replace other than that what should I do before cranking over and what problems will I encounter please help I miss her and would appritiate any info thanks
It's a 6 speed manual transmission. Shifting between 5th and 6th is very difficult.
I was informed by my dealer that there was a internal campaign from Subaru for the authorize change of the oil pickup tube if a car came in with that specific problem. But now they mysteriously can't find that memo. I am looking for any information pertaining to that memo or number of reference for that memo.
Was told the spark plugs and wires are fine. The cylinder blocks out of alignment; need to be "shaved" or something.
I like to take off really fast. Is there a down side to high performance clutch? I am a street vehicle, mostly city driving with lots of hills, and I love to accelerate. How do I choose which sort of clutch?
About how much would it be to get my engine rebuilt due to a spun bearing? Parts vs. Labor?

Best case scenario vs. worst case scenario?
I just recently bought a 2004 suburu impreza wtx sti with around 80k miles on it. Carfax was good, had a mechanic inspect the car upon sale. Just yesterday it started making a really loud fast clicking noise under the hood. I mean, its not just a subtle noise, its almost too loud to drive now, cop friend of mine said i would probably get pulled over with its noise. Any clue as to what this might be? As soon as i turn it on, the loud clicking/clanking begins. Doesnt matter which gear im in, it gets louder as I start driving which is hard to believe seeing as its almost unbearable in neutral. Manual transssmission btw haha. Thanks guys
all fuses check good under dash and under hood
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