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Proud owner of a 2007 Subaru WRX, with 216,000 km or roughly 134216 Miles. I have recently started to smell a heavy oil/rubber smell both in and outside of the car. With this, it is to be noted a large amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust lately. A young manual driver who is still learning clutch to gas ratio while in switching gears (My RMP is too high). I also sometimes ride the clutch coming up to stop signs. Worried that this may cost a lot of money to fix. Any info about the cause of these problems and or tips are useful thank you very much. My car has 134216 miles. My car has a manual transmission.
My cassette player is stuck on rewind and I've disconnected the battery to fix it but it jumps back to the rewind position. Any advice would be helpful
Coil overs
Will Forrester coil overs work to lift my 02 impreza wrx? I need new towers and struts, but I'm looking for a little lift without breaking the bank... if so what year would be best to fit?... and is there any other parts I may need do the swap?
Will Forrester coil overs work to lift my 02 impreza wrx? I need new towers and struts, but I'm looking for a little lift without breaking the bank... if so what year would be best to fit?... and is there any other parts I may need do the swap?
Subaru Impreza Wrx turbo 2005 model. 100k miles.

1) replaced radiator 700 miles ago after leak detected and engine overheating 2) car running fine since then even in 99 degree heat. Temperature stable and normal. 3) today after driving about 100 miles I noticed engine heating up to redline 4) steam starts spewing from upper radiator hose near the side going into engine pretty intensely 5) I replace upper hose (big gaping hole detected in existing hose near the side that goes into engine) seems like it was not replaced with new radiator. 6) after replacing upper hose, no more steam. However engine temp gauge goes to redline after < 1 mile of driving but no heat coming from heater vents on full blast even after idling for 10 minutes. 7) coolant reservoir is full and not going down 8) engine does not feel hot (like it would if it was really overheating and at redline) 9) no more steam coming (I fixed the main leak) in the hose. I doubt there are other leaks but it was raining so hard to tell till I get to a shop.

Is the problem now that I need to pressurize the system? Does the internal thermostat need to be fixed? I thought they did it when the replaced the radiator in step 1 above. Could there randomly be a clog in the system ?
car stalling at low rpm. Usually happens 15 to 25 mins after driving through moderate traffic including stopping at traffic lights and reaching speeds from 37 to 50 mph. Car will backfire or cause a loud shot gun like noise after accelerating and gear changing quickly then taking foot off and letting the car slow down without braking. Has after market 9" exhaust fitted
Backfires after throttle is released
bought a impreza with high temp gauge. owner said needs thermastat. drove car home temp settled down below mid level. have put multiple miles on car no change or problem, except overflow keeps losing fluid. mechanic said ( VALVE COVER GASKET). no overheating,no white film on dip stick or oil fill cap. radiator stays you think valve cover gasket? oxford NY 13830. Has turbo.
When I drive more than 60 miles I get a hammer sound when I steer left or right at low speed. I hav changed all half shafts because that is what the dealer said but I still get the sound and only happens after driving long distances
Had to replace the Evap System which cleared a Check Engine light from before. Beyond that everything else is good to go and ready. Pretty far past my Smog/Registration dates so hoping to get this sorted with my mechanic sooner than later. He says it wont pass smog until we either fix the problem or get the reading to "OK".
Brand new turbo, twice! Shop says no oil pressure prob. Subaru dealer says it does, causing turbo to go out.
It sounds like a sticking valve in a short block chevy motor almost like its stuck but I don't know . It had a thermostat issue and the motor was swapped 3 months ago. I bought this car 3 weeks ago for my son it ran great til last night at the stop sign it bogged out then it would start but it would make that stuck valve sound then it would die. No fluids are on the ground. Do you think the thermostat caused it to overheat and its a bad internal problem anyone who might have insight on this please help
I believe the 1st gear was smashed by my son's friend. Is there a chance this could only be the clutch plate, or definitely a Transmission repair?
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