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car stalling at low rpm. Usually happens 15 to 25 mins after driving through moderate traffic including stopping at traffic lights and reaching speeds from 37 to 50 mph. Car will backfire or cause a loud shot gun like noise after accelerating and gear changing quickly then taking foot off and letting the car slow down without braking. Has after market 9" exhaust fitted

Backfires after throttle is released

bought a impreza with high temp gauge. owner said needs thermastat. drove car home temp settled down below mid level. have put multiple miles on car no change or problem, except overflow keeps losing fluid. mechanic said ( VALVE COVER GASKET). no overheating,no white film on dip stick or oil fill cap. radiator stays you think valve cover gasket? oxford NY 13830. Has turbo.

When I drive more than 60 miles I get a hammer sound when I steer left or right at low speed. I hav changed all half shafts because that is what the dealer said but I still get the sound and only happens after driving long distances

Had to replace the Evap System which cleared a Check Engine light from before. Beyond that everything else is good to go and ready. Pretty far past my Smog/Registration dates so hoping to get this sorted with my mechanic sooner than later. He says it wont pass smog until we either fix the problem or get the reading to "OK".

Brand new turbo, twice! Shop says no oil pressure prob. Subaru dealer says it does, causing turbo to go out.

It sounds like a sticking valve in a short block chevy motor almost like its stuck but I don't know . It had a thermostat issue and the motor was swapped 3 months ago. I bought this car 3 weeks ago for my son it ran great til last night at the stop sign it bogged out then it would start but it would make that stuck valve sound then it would die. No fluids are on the ground. Do you think the thermostat caused it to overheat and its a bad internal problem anyone who might have insight on this please help

I believe the 1st gear was smashed by my son's friend. Is there a chance this could only be the clutch plate, or definitely a Transmission repair?

I bought this car from an unreliable person on Craigslist and within weeks the motor blew, the guy had it tuned and it has performance parts, so I think he upgraded the turbo without further upgrading the engines internals to handle the higher boost pressure, need help getting it fixed but funds are extremely limited, any help would be great thanks!

Turbo blown, motor blown

Car sputters and sounds like it wants to turn off..

my 2002 wrx is consuming 1 qt of oil every 500 mi. I believe the turbo needs replacing

i was wondering, the car do start, but when you put into gears, its not moving or cant drive, whats wrong with it.....

I haven't changed my o2 sensor yet, but I have got the code reset twice just to double check what code was showing but every once in a while my check engine light will go off by itself and I was just curious to see why it would be going off by itself, it usually comes back on either shortly after the CEL goes off or when I start my car again.

I had the timing belt replaced for maintence in my 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX and the ac was serviced at the same time.

After the car has ran about 15 to 30 minutes with the air conditioner on the car feels like it starts running really bad, and the ac quits cooling. I have taken the car back to the garage where the work was done, & they said they can't find anything wrong with it. The mechanic said the only thing he knew was to replace the air conditioner. I've used this garage for several years and have not had any problems until now.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks for your help.


02 frame, 04 rear end and 06 front end swaped over to a STI

i think it my be my water pump i took the thermistat out and it was work but i decicded to put the thermistat back in befor winter and it wont put out heat out of the heater and it over heats

I love this car, the only thing is, the motor was rebuilt prior to me purchasing the car.... After the rebuild the car drove amazing, after replacing a hose that goes to the turbo that was broken causing an intake leak. Later, i noticed my car was going through gas like i have never seen, i ran OBD2 Diag. on it.... Short term fuel trim is at -25 at idle!! and also while driving. I did some research and was looking at Blow Off Valves... noticed that the stock was a recirculating BOV. I disconnected the hose that ran from the BOV to the intake system so i could get the "pshhh"... could that be what is causing my fuel problem?? Should i re-connect that hose? Or are there any other ideas on what i should do. I cannot drive the car until it is fixed because the gas mileage is so terrible.

especially when i have a full righthand lock

Sometimes when the car going to engage to 1st gear, while stepping the clutch pedal the transmission jerk. Frequently happen...Need

checked fuses replaced bulbs ,blinkers work brake lights work also.

This is from the Subaru dealer:

The dealer wants $1388 for the replacement. Is is price reasonable?

Theres a car I want to buy that has damage to the frame in the rear to the left. For sale for $2,500. The rest of the car looks fine. Is it worth it to maybe find another impreza and swap frams, or just to get it fixed at a dealer. Or is it just not worth it.

How much should I expect to pay to replace my alternator belt?

^ CD changer will not play or eject cd's. Cassette player does not work. Radio works fine

6 Disc CD player will not eject CD's or Play CD's in changer

The clutch has and never lost any fluid it just stoped working. I believe this may be the clutch itself and would like advise of fixing my self.