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Whenever I am parked (haven't really noticed it at a red light as much) but the car revs a little bit above 1000 and then comes back down and goes back to 1000 etc.. I don't know if this is bad and I have to get it looked at or if its okay. It only has just started to do this and it only happens once in a while. I don't hear any weird noises or anything else.
The low pressure warning light is on all the time, tires OK
Took my Impreza in to the Subaru dealer for an oil change and asked them to reset the check engine light - one of my children had recently borrowed it and actually put gas in it so I thought it was a loose gas cap issue but was told that I need a new front sensor and possibly a rear one, too, they could not be sure. I bought the car new and have always had all service done at the dealership as scheduled so I am a bit concerned that I wasn't informed about this recall. This is not an inexpensive repair, especially if it is for 2 of them - is Subaru suppose to foot this bill?
I just bought my car used and there are 4 lights and a symbol illuminated on my dash; check engine, brakes, ABS, cruise; blinks off and on, and a car with squiggly lines behind it with a line going through it? What should I do?
It occurs always. I have to unhook battery to get lights to go out.
Eventually turn over but stalled and engine smoking
Binding when turning. Coming from drivetrain
2 months ago changed one of the computer chips because all lights came on at dashboard, since then the ABS light keeps coming on after dealer resets.Dealer resets code drives it for 70-100 miles nothing happens I drive it for 1/2 hr light pops up. They claim that it was probably my car charger, that I've been using for 3 years. Tech found falty ABS VDC/HC unit assembly with arratic operation, unit was replaced and bled system, cleared all codes. Don't know what the problem is very frustrating.
reverse lights do not work, bulbs aand fuses are fine
rear pads replaced and rotors turned and they are quoting me about $368.00 for each set. Is this legit? I am an old bag on a limited income and I need to not be taken advangage of. Thanks for any help.
at what point do I perform a major tuneup to replace original oil and water pump and timing belt/chain? Car has never been serviced.
check engine light on and cruise control light flashing Problem occured this morning on way to work. Hoping Subaru can tell me something about this cruise control circuit. Cruise control would not activate after this occured. Owners manual said it may be due to my gas cap not being properly tightened after refueling. I'll try that to! Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Does anyone know the brake fluid capacity for a 2009 subaru impreza outback sport, non turbo charged?
found vertical adjustment, need to adjust left (horizontal) any idea where to start?
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