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vehicle shutter at low speed have to either speed up or lay off accelerator to stop or to reduce viberation

one of my headlights was out so i got it replaced and i just drove my car home in the dark and both of the biggest round lights are out now! i swear they were brighter before.. they turn on when i put the high beams on, but I think theyre supposed to be on with regular also.. i tried finding a pic online and i cant find any.. i dont want to look crazy taking back to the auto shop tomorrow..

I had valve cover gaskets and engine oil cooler replaced month and half ago because of smell coming from under the hood on the passenger side.
Now there is another leak and supposedly the camshaft seals need to be replaced.
Is this common? Should the leaking cam seals been replaced at the same time?
What is the cost? I already paid $1054 for the valve cover gaskets and oil cooler.
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is there any roof top carrier that can be used to transport 2 kayaks on tribeca with no roof rails and a sunroof. i have been told that attaching a roof rack will cause sunroof window to pop out

we replaced the fan belt tenstioner pully but the battery light, rear diff.and brake lights stay on , we are being told we need to re-set the comp.?

I just need to know how to remove the drivers side door panel so I can repair of replace the interior door handle problem. It opens from outside but not inside.

No oil in antifreeze or antifreeze in oil. Combustion leak test shows exhaust gases but no white or blue smoke out tailpipe. Any option besides head gasket replacement?

I researched the problems with the Tribeca and I am concerned that although the leak down test failed, that perhaps I also have a head gasket that has blown... is there any way of determining if this has happened so I can save a little money on the " mechanic's discovery" charge?

The Tribeca also overheats when I turn on the rear cheating / cooling system. I have just avoided this by not using that control in the back and leaving it off. My Tribeca has 104,000 miles on it and I am the 2nd owner, that I know of. I bought it a year ago... and now that it has over 100,000 miles it is not under warranty any further.

Also there is a squeaky sound coming from the right driver's side wheel and the starter is sticking. Any suggestions on what the problems might be or the cost of fixing it?

We have not had our Subaru for 2 months is now with the dealership for the last 3 weeks ordering parts for the injectors + now the computer board. What's up? We cannot seem to get a board (3rd time to order one, last 2 were wrong ones, and this last one had to be sent back B/C it needed to reset security since it is refurbished). what a pain...and the dealership has not even ask us if we want a loaner car. talking to manager on Monday.

Just curious about the computer board, though. Seems unlikely.

I bought a Subaru Tribeca b9 2009 on the 14 the of July 2014. After four days it started producing bluish white smoke when starting. The smoke takes about 30 seconds and then stops. I suspect it might have some oil leakage or a broken cylinder, but I am not very sure. What might be the problem causing the smoke?

blowing out even tho my car dosent have the puddle lights installed?ive gone threw 10 to 15 bulbs in the last 2 years and now my radio has blown out.Even tho my car doesnt have the puddle lights is the car equipted with the wireing harness that subaru put a recall out on

Just had the two top hoses replaced as well as the belt, after doing this they topped up the cooling system with new coolant and then supposedly did a CO Test on the cooling system and told us their was CO in the coolant, up to getting the leak from the top hose we never lost any coolant and the engine has never gone past the middle of the temp gauge except for pulling the camper trailer across the Nullabor on a 51 degree celcius day where it went up one bar past the middle. Even the oil level has never moved, vehicle is serviced by the book and is coming up for its 95000km service. Have been told that this will cost me anywhere between $2000 to $6000. To me it sounds suspicious since as I said the car is not going through coolant and not eating oil, also their has been no power loss or smoke coming out the exhaust, since putting the new belt and pipes on everything seems to be back to normal again. Any help would be appreciated.

I just bought an 07 Tribeca and noticed a couple days after I bought it that the CD player is making this loud high frequency noise when it plays CD's. I want to know if there is anything I can do to fix it or if it's broken and needs to be replaced.

When I start my car it seems like it takes a while for the car to turn over (only a few seconds but longer than i am use to), then when it does turn over there is white/blue smoke that only last for about 10 or 15 seconds then after that it runs fine. I should also say that it only happends when the engine is cold. Not sure what to do, just bought it and wondering what i should do. PLEASE help me out!

It's as if I'm holding the key too long. It doesn't do it on every start up, just randomly.

I have a Tribeca with 98K miles on it. On start up it lets out a huge amount of bluish smoke. Looking for some advice. Got the run around by one dealer stating it was a fuel leak. This is bluish/white smoke so I am pretty sure there's an oil leak. It runs fine, oil doesn't seem to run low. Any advice on a good non-dealer place in St. Louis to take it?

a mechanic change the car oil and told me i have a leak in the oil cooler system is not coming from the motor oil filter area my tribeca only have 35,ooo mile i want to know if is cover under warranty

I had engine light on, VDC light on and cruse control light on for my car 2007 Tribeca B9. When the car is cool is driving fine but after a few hours my car starts and 150 miles starts to sake and I cannot accelerate. I have to stop to cool down and then I can drive another 5 to 10 miles and is doing the same thing. I took it to a Subaru service and they cannot figure out the problem. They read the codes from memory PO175, PO172, PO137, PO157 and they tell me that I have to bring the car when it starts doing it otherwise they cannot fix it. Please help!

MY Tribeca w/ 42k miles showed the knock sensor code - at Autozone and at independent repair shop - Since the parts were hard to get in Dallas I brought (towed for caution) to the Plano Subaru dealer- Their diagnose on this problem was that my electrical engine harness was chewed by an animal- With no choice I had them replace it at $950.- took a week to get the part- A week later another code came on for the system leak detector - fuel cap loose or faulty and 3 other possibilities. Anyone having these similiar problems? I do not trust this shop - the harness they returned indicated more that the wire was spliced