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The headlamps have been replaced 3 x that I am aware of, most recent was two days ago. The running lights work, but the main large headlight only works on high beam. I just purchased the car this week. I do not believe that either recall/repair offer on this vehicle have been taken care of. Please, someone, have mercy!
158k on boxer6. I'm doing the water pump and it's more than obvious that someone has been in the timing cover before and even deeper because I can tell by gasket sealer but I am trying to line up the timing marks very unsuccessful I have sprockets with circles that could be timing marks by the teeth and arrows by default I go with the arrows also they're supposed to be colored gold links in the chain that are supposed to lineup with the timing markes. And then I have the exhaust manifold cams that have no arrows just circles and I can't get arrows to line up Circles the lineup nothing the lineup all together at 12 with the cam and the sprockets let alone the gold links in the chain no repair book available for this particular vehicle everyone says referred to the Legacy it is different timing covers different the layouts a little different any info or help would be great
my subaru vibrates only when am in Drive mode and fully stop at a red light it does not vibrate in any other ways. I took it to Subaru Dealership but didn't find anything.
Sounds like a rubber squeak when stopping and only going forward
My TriBeCa overheats if I idle to long. What should I expect the cost for repair to be?
vehicle shutter at low speed have to either speed up or lay off accelerator to stop or to reduce viberation
one of my headlights was out so i got it replaced and i just drove my car home in the dark and both of the biggest round lights are out now! i swear they were brighter before.. they turn on when i put the high beams on, but I think theyre supposed to be on with regular also.. i tried finding a pic online and i cant find any.. i dont want to look crazy taking back to the auto shop tomorrow..
I had valve cover gaskets and engine oil cooler replaced month and half ago because of smell coming from under the hood on the passenger side.
Now there is another leak and supposedly the camshaft seals need to be replaced.
Is this common? Should the leaking cam seals been replaced at the same time?
What is the cost? I already paid $1054 for the valve cover gaskets and oil cooler.
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is there any roof top carrier that can be used to transport 2 kayaks on tribeca with no roof rails and a sunroof. i have been told that attaching a roof rack will cause sunroof window to pop out
we replaced the fan belt tenstioner pully but the battery light, rear diff.and brake lights stay on , we are being told we need to re-set the comp.?
I just need to know how to remove the drivers side door panel so I can repair of replace the interior door handle problem. It opens from outside but not inside.
No oil in antifreeze or antifreeze in oil. Combustion leak test shows exhaust gases but no white or blue smoke out tailpipe. Any option besides head gasket replacement?
I researched the problems with the Tribeca and I am concerned that although the leak down test failed, that perhaps I also have a head gasket that has blown... is there any way of determining if this has happened so I can save a little money on the " mechanic's discovery" charge?

The Tribeca also overheats when I turn on the rear cheating / cooling system. I have just avoided this by not using that control in the back and leaving it off. My Tribeca has 104,000 miles on it and I am the 2nd owner, that I know of. I bought it a year ago... and now that it has over 100,000 miles it is not under warranty any further.
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