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a blue thermostat lights up in dash for a minute then goes away when i turn on car.. what does this mean? low on antifreeze? I have a 2005 Scion Xa.
Time for tune up
on the trans but where exactly? What has to be removed to get to the switch.
I got into a minor crash in my 2016 Scion IA. Only the bumper and collision bar were slightly damaged during collision. Radiator & condensor still intact, no damage. However, my driver airbag went off and now my car won’t start. Only clicks when I push the start button. PLEASE HELP
I have a 08 Scion xD. It went into overdrive and I can’t figure out where the button is to turn it off. Can someone help me locate the overdrive button
the heater fan stays on high even when you turn the fan off is there a sensor or control board and if so where is it located
Problem just started last week, when i made a Uturn
I went through water and light came on dashboard A/t oil temp
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
My mechanic told me that my car needs new Brake Drums (front and rear) and Pads, so far. As I did more research about Brakes -it's a lot more than what I expected (there are more brake parts). However, I want to get an idea if the price is fair or they're just trying to rip me off (which I haven't got to that part yet the Estimate).
I know the parts prices vary and it all depends on which parts they use plus the Labor will rise up the pricing. My (2) questions are:

1. Let's assume my car need new Brake Drums (Front and Rear) and pads only. How much should I expect the whole jumbo be?
2. On the other hand, if it needs the whole Brake Replacement, how much are we talking about?
I appreciate it.
The clutch was replaced and after car was put together motor won't turn tookbit apart put it back together mostly was able to get it on. Got everything in place and motor won't turn again
How to replece valve expansion on 2006 scion tc Because I can not find it please
what is the ac refrigerant capacity
My car started overheating on the ride back 2 hrs away. I pulled in the gas station put water in it and it cranked back up i started driving and it just cut off so i pulled to the side of the road. It now wont start. It wasnt gettin sparks from spark plug but i then had all 3 new sensors put on. It now spark plugs are sparking but it still wont crank on. Can someone plz help me and my mechanic have no idea what else could be wrong bc head gasket isnt blown?
belt is tight and in good condition, battery checks out as good, alternator is showing as ok
by accident it started wen i kick started it but turning key nothing
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