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Interior (map) light comes on when entering vech. Does not go out when you drive. After leaving vech. for some time, timer turns off interior lights. How to fix problem. Dome light has manual shut off.
After having my starter replaced I tried cranking the car and it wouldn't stay crunk. Problem just started after having the new starter put on. When i start the car, it cuts back off.
location of the knock sensor on 08 saturn vue 3.5 awd code p0327 knock sensor
No air blowing or any noise
Also there's like a clunking every once in awhile when I try to apply my brakes and feels like they freeze up it's scary
This new problem may be related to an ongoing problem with the left, rear turn signal that occasionally does not flash. If I smack the taillight assembly, the turn signal comes back on. Now the high beam headlights will come on and then go off when the car is not even running! Sticking relay? I did notice that when using my turn signals, the high beam light comes on and then will turn off when the turn signal shuts off. Sometimes the high beams are just on when the car is running, and can't be switched to low beams.
digital display on radio disappears on 2007 model with controls on steering and CD player.
When the vehicle is running it sprays high pressure tranny fluid out of the inspection plate. Torque converter seal looks fine. What could be the issue? Fluid change 20,000 ago. It happened all of a sudden and now everyone it's running it sprays. The torque converter bolts on with 6bolts and it also has a nub that go's into the crank shaft and the nub on the Tc is ground down 0.010" could this cause it to leak even tho it's still bolted on? What could be the issue
Also,. Tenmp gauge goes up in stop and go traffic.. especially if stuck in traffic for a while.
The wiring on my daughters 2003 L200 was cut and messed up at a mechanics and now the car won't start. They were supposed to be replacing some damaged parts in the undercarriage, and someone there thought they were taking the engine out instead. They cut all kinds of wires. They took our money and handed us back a car that know longer works. Obviously money is an issue, but we need the car to work. I'm hoping that if I can get some color photos of this wiring we can get it working again.
my car will start once i get on the bottom of the steering column and push a white button to located underneath the clutch
My 2001 Saturn LW300 seems to be hesitating when I am driving, I have recently changed the spark plugs 2 times (the first ones where the wrong ones for it) and the second 6 spark plugs I put in are just like the same ones I pulled out (double electrodes) but not what the repair manual says it should have. Simply because no one in my area (all the auto parts stores) seem to carry what it states in the book. I have also just recently replaced the fuel filter.
The day that I had these repairs done the "Check Engine Soon" light went out and stayed out the entire day. And was running absolutely great.
But within a day the "Check Engine Soon" light came back on and 2 days later it began to hesitate while driving but was not doing it all the time - every day. It would run fine one day then the next it would start hesitating again, and it continues to run like this. However I have began to notice that it gets a little worse if I am driving at night. The repair manual tells me nothing..
power locks don't work , can't lock or unlock from inside of car, and don't work on fob. When I held down the lock button on the fob, horn honked, but car did not lock. What is going on?
My odometer is not moving, not tracking miles, the trip mikes work, the trip A. And Trip B. Work but not odometer it just displays the same miles
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