Saturn Vue Hybrid Questions

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need this info for maintenace
Hearing such unusual sound from engine I got as well on screen service hybrid system with check engine light

Hope some one tell what is problem
Car model : GMC staurn 2009 hybrid
Looking buy a used car with this repair code
Sounds like a fan was running in engine all night. Now it will not start
I need to store the car for 6 months and want to make sure it will not need new batteries when I take it out of storage
if a change the generarto (bas) for a alternator, will work as a non hybrid???
On the dash it says servicehybrid system
07 Saturn vue hybrid has bad batteries... can I swap in batteries out of a 08-10 malabu or aura car..if not why??
just had transmission rebuilt
The battery detector on dashboard keeps going side to side is this normal
Tim is very hot. You can hear a rubbing sound from passenger front break pads changed about 3000 miles ago
Engine has started clattering. Oil level is fine. Also, engine has stopped the gear down when at stop signs. Typically it gears down to 500 RPM's and then when you take your foot off the gas it goes back to 1000 RPM's What could be the issue?
Took my car in after engine was making a rattling noise. It was diagnosed at a GM dealer and I was advised that the timing chain needed replacement and the estimate is about $1900. Car has 122K miles on it. Manual does not indicate that there is a need for timing belt maintenance so I'm confused and shocked with the amount estimated for the work. I want to make sure I'm not being taken advantage of.
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