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egr and o2 sensor was change but we're still getting a code vehicle runs good what need to be done

They don't make the brake light socket for this car anymore and would like to know if newer models/years are interchangeable please.

I would like to know how to remove the fuse block under the hood of my 1997 Saturn SW2

Thanks and have a great day.


It is a 1997 front wheel drive standard SW2 and did not come with an owners manuel or any other information.

1999 automatic saturn sw2 RPM runs high and has low power, what repair do i need. I changed catalytic converter and the car is now jerking and i can't increae speed

How do you replace the drivebelt on a Saturn 2000 SW2?

im changing the transmission filter where do i locate the pan

transmission seal leak

Just recently rpm's at idle go from 1100 to about 700 then up to about 1200 then down again. rough idle. Then often power loss during acceleration.Shakes, drives rough and feels like it's going to stall. I have tried new plugs, air filter,pcv valve. If it is the IAC valve, where is it located?

how do replace a positive cable that attaches to the starter

When my car is warmed up, and I have to shift into reverse, the transmission makes a very loud clonk noise as if the engine is going to fall out of the car.

Sprayed some carb cleaner in intake but will not even start or try to start momentarily.Fuel pressure and volume good.All fuses good.Cranks good but will not start. No spark seems to be the case.Is it crank sensor or ign module? I am getting fuel pressure though. 116k miles.

will a 1999 engine fit my 1997 both are 1.9 dohc vin 7 with auto trans

1998 Saturn Wagon 2

For the last few months my car cooling system seems to be running hotter than normal per the dash gauge. For years and even the the summer the temp gauge would never get over 1/4. I need to add coolant to it now weekly but there is no leak. The engine just gets hot (the dash gauge only goes to 1/2) and losses fluid from Only the overflow tank. I have a new radiator, new hoses and a new thermostat (2). I put a temp gun on the lower hose and it is about 160-173 and the upper is about 180-193. At one time the lower hose was at 173 and the upper at 181 while the temp gauge on the dash was at 1/2 (high for my car). The temp gauge now always gets to 1/2 when for years it never passed 1/4. The coolant does not seem to overflow (do to high temp) unless I use the heater but I am still losing coolant weekly regardless. I water lever light comes on regardless about every other day. I only can add about 16oz of water (not really low). There is no leak in the system at all for sure! I used to be able to turn the AC on (only one fan for all) to get the fan to cool the motor when I did have a leak but now this does nothing to cool even when the fan is running... ? When the car was all good and would only get to 1/4 on the temp gauge it could set for 20 minutes and be back down to nothing (cold) even in the summer heat but now it takes 2 hours or more to sit and cool even in very cold weather. I know from this that the car is in fact hotter than normal. For years the gauge was at 1/4 and stayed put but now it never stays at 1/4 even in 30 degree weather. The thermostat is the second I have put in and there is only one model I can use and both open at the same temp because they are the same.

I want to think that the water pump is working, just very poorly and needs to be replaced but the cost is 300$ and I want to make sure it is this before I replace it.

Can anyone help me please, I never heard of a water pump broke or working poorly without a leak or noise. And my pump seems to be working but only at about 50% to 20% of what it should be, is this possible???


can rod barings be changed by dropping oil pan

can rod barings be changed by droping oil pan

I bought my SW2 Saturn with 54,000 miles on it and it always used oil from the beginning.Now at 120,000 miles,it uses one quart every 1500 miles.I have learned that it is normal for this type of engine to us oil. Is this an excesive amount.It still gets 30 to 33 mpg and it doesn't seem to blow any smoke.

i have a transmission leak i sealed the transmission but i think its from a hoes coming from the transsmission which cables are part of the trans that provides fluid through the car

defogger stopped working in below 0 temps. connectors looked ok at a glance. fuse cover box in console indicated relay rather than fuse, but new 15 amp relay didnt fix it.

rear window defogger stopped working-looked on inside of fuse box cover under console, which indicated it took a relay rather than a fuse--replaced the relay ( 15 amp),still doesnt work. checked wire at window connection--also looks ok.

A mechanic replaced everything listed here: the battery,alternator,all the cable and connections,and also the PCM (power train control module).He has had to reinspect my vehicle because the car will not restart back up again. What is causing this? Everytime I try to start up my vehicle, its dead and wont start. I then get a jump from someone. I let the car run and let the battery recharge up again. As soon as I shut off the ignition whether its off for hours or two seconds, the vehicle refuses to restart back up again until it is jumped by another car.What is caausing this problem?

my cars blows bluish white smoke after warm up, when idling and stop lights, after take off, but no highway smoke.

using 1 qt. about every 2to3 wks, no smoke at start up, but after take off from lights and stop signs, and after idleing for awhile lots of strange smelling bluish smoke from tail pipe, haven't noticed any smoke on highway. had pcv valve replaced already

my automatic transmission shifts into reverse and 1st and second gear fine but will not shift to 3rd or overdrive can anyone help me with this problem

My Transmission shifts fine but the fluid is leaking out.

No problems for a while, then will not start. Then will again with in hours or days. Then not again...lights come on, etc. clicks but nothing. Not a starter problem. Mechanic thinks maybe a fuel pump draining to much power or fuse problem. But not sure. Any idea?

Timing chain is broken. Mechanic did compression test on engine. Two cylinders are only showing 50lbs compression instead of normal 100lbs. Mileage is 159,000 miles. What is estimated cost of repair in addition to timing chain kit installation?

It starts fine when its cold, no problem, but after 2 or 3 miles, it straight shuts off, no sputtering, no warning - the rpm's just go to 0 and I'm coasting. Once or twice I have been coasting and then it just comes back on, but it soon just cuts off again. After 15-20 minutes I can start it again, but it will shut off again after only a half mile or so. I have replaced the feul filter, the feul pump, and the ignition coil module, but it still does the exact same thing, the exact same way. I am going nuts!! Anybody ever experienced any crap like this?? Please help

I have a 2001 right hand drive saturn stationwagon.
Has over 150,000 miles. Has been a good vehicle.
The past few weeks, starting to hear a rattle (like a screwdriver tapping fast against metal or a pencil tapping against a desk - hard to explain). Sometimes the rattle happens when you first start the car then quietens. When the A/C is turned,the rattle is constant while sitting still. Driving on the road, it does not rattle. Had the A/C checked. A new expansion valve and drier has been installed. Refrigerant placed in A/C. Puts out cold air.
Mechanics do not know what is making the sound.
An idler pulley was replaced. Checked the motor supports and replaced the struts so car is kept balanced and running smoothly as possible. If a socket or tool has fallen down in the engine area, I cannot find it and it should have dropped out of the car by now. The sound is heard coming from the pulley/belt area. No "service engine lights" have ever come on. Any ideas what could be happening.

The car has 166,000 original engine and miles on it. This is the first serious problem I have had with this car. I installed new battery. Check engine light did not come on for problem, so diagnostics will not show anything. Car starts when engine is cool fine. But if I drive for 5-10 min. or more and turn engine off, engine will not start back up until cooled down. What can this be?