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does my 1994 saturn SL1 have oil cooler?i have oil in water resevore.replaced head gasket and flushed engine. i still have oil in water and runs hot.

does my 94 saturn.SL1 have a oil cooler?

what all do i have to remove to change the waterpump?

well when i start it up it makes this sqeaking noise then it stops then goes again

the check engine light is always on

How long a timing chain will last before needs to be replace?

when car is cold

My check engine light came on a while back.. I took it to Advanced Auto and they said it was the EGR Valve. I didnt have the money at the time to buy a new one. So sometimes when I would try to start my car it wouldnt start unless I held the gas down. It would sound as if it was out of gas. Now after it sets for a while it will start but if I turn it off it will not start back up unless it sets for a while... I just got the EGR Valve but havent put it on yet. Is this the problem before I replace it???

did not pass smog test was told emmissions failed and compoment fail also my check engine light wont go off

how to change battery

i start the car when its cold and it runs good. when i stop and go in a store or anything it wont start agin. cold it start but when its warm will not start.

Does the Saturn SL1 have ABS brake system?

my car started blowing hot and then started to blow cold air. How do I repair ?

my 5 speed is a throttle body the motor i got tto replace itis a
fuel injection how wold i make it work cause it wont bolt up straight across like the said 1.9 sl 1 series sochwell maybe it will but myintake is different ita a throttle body the repkacement is fuel injected how woul that work.

I have been refilling my coolant about once a month for 6 months now. In the past two weeks I have had to fill it twice. In the past few days I noticed smoke coming from the hood and the coolant light was on. Temp was between hot and cold. Today the temp was all the way on hot but the car was not smoking too much. I pulled over, let the engine cool, then filled it with more coolant so I could make it to a mechanic. Also the temp outside was in the 60's and I was not running any a/c or heat. There was also coolant leaking from my car when I stopped today and when I put the new coolant in it was splattering all over under the hood. My question is what could this be? Also I took it to a new mechanic and I don't want to be over charged or scammed. What should I be asking when they call with the estimate? Approximately what are the prices of this fix? Thanks!

I just changed the engine oil on my 2002 saturn SL1. In the process I inadvertantly pulled the trans filter which is outside the transmission much like an oil filter. Stupidly I did not realize it was the trans filter and proceeded to put my new oil filter on the trans. After replacing the car with new oil I started the vehicle so that the engine oil would fill the oil filter and I could properly fill the engine oil. When I started the car I sprayed out most of my trans fluid through the filter area since the oil fiter did not seal. I then tried to put the car in reverse but it would not shift. Not realizing where the trans fluid was coming from I put some off brand trans fluid in to see where it was leaking. I then realized what had happened and proceeded to drain the rest of the trans fluid and replaced the trans filter with a new one and added 5 quarts of dex III fluid.
The car has always shifted fine previously. However after taking it for a short spin it was shifting hard and I suspected too much trans fluid. I drained about 3/4 of a quart until it was at the right level. The car still shifts hard. What should I do at this point?

wont pass emissions

thank you roy you have been vert helpful

i knw probly on the engine but where at?

Im having a problem finding a 1995 sc1 sohc (manual...i dnt knw if that makes a diffrence)in my area...i have came across many 93s,94s,and 96s...will any of these work?

i have oil leaking into the antifrezze causing a gray sludge and overheating..i have taken apart the engine and the headgasket is fine..wut else could be the problem...and there is no out side cracks on the block?

front driver's side wheel and steering column shaking bad
told i needed axle which i can't afford just now2
worried it could cause wheel to fall off or loss of steering control

The part is called shifter glider (I think) and it broke and so now I can't shift my manual transmission.

I have a 1998 Saturn and when key is turned all lights and radio work but car wont start

its stays on when i drive

I was wondering what the estimated hours it takes to change the drive belt tensioner pulley

My brake pedal sometimes travels all the way to the floor. The brakeware on the pads is about 50%. The car as you can see is very old with lots of miles on it. What could the problem be? Vacuum system/Master cylinder/ ABS system?

When I stopped for gas car would not restart...nothing...not battery After one hr car started right up Whats wrong

I was just wondering if the dash has to be pulled to replace a heater core on a 1999 Saturn SL1?

check engine light goes on and off when excellerate a decelerate. what could prob be?