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Can I buy it from Advanc Auto? I also hear a squeak
specially when the car is just started up & driven from a cold engine. Is it becasue of the low power steering fluid or something else?

Last week I drove to my sister's house and my coolant temp light came on while en route. Checked fluids, made note of what needed topping off. Last night my service engine light popped on and stayed on when I started my car. I went out today, filled the coolant, checked the oil, etc. Engine has had vibrations and idling inconsistencies (idles between 800-1200 when in Park, changes when I turn AC on/off or any other power draw) since I bought the car roughly a month ago. I have no service records for the vehicle and not alot of cash on hand for major repairs so I'd really like to get the issues resolved before they become major. I'm a newbie to Saturn, have no clue what I've gotten myself into...any suggestions on steps to repair? I plan on taking it in to have the codes read, but to be honest, I'm a little nervous about driving the 20+ miles to town with the check engine light on.

My flange rusted off my exhaust. It's an easy fix I'm told just get a flange repair kit but I can't get the rusted pieces off so ill have to bring it to a garage and everywhere except Midas is booked solid I've had bad experience with Midas in past and just wanted a ball park at how much it should cost.

Key will turn and shows power but won't crank. Changed alternator & battery/cables are good. What else do I look for? Any advice would help!!!!

its over heating n trying to c if radiator is blocked.water seems 2b bubbling out top then back down of reservoir tank.when its running top hose is cool,bottom going to a little warm.but there is a smaller hose that comes off of reservoir tank n goes under the thermo.hose n its HOT!!

Where is it located & is it hard to replace?

replaced radiator last yr. replaced belt,waterpump,thermostat n reservoir cap all in the last 2-3 wks.can u tell or show the route water takes thru engine n radiator.dont think water is circulating?if air in system how do i purge it?if radiator needs cleaning can u tell me how?

its running i can touch top hose(barely warm),bottom hose(to thermo)warmer,small hose(reservoir 2 under thermo)hot.not only overheating but when hot it seems to bubble up n down in reservoir.i dont have alot of $$$ n medium skills. THANK YOU 4UR HELP!

Where is it located?

I can lock both front doors with key. Not back. If I push the lock button on either back door, I hear a "static" sound. Next morning my battery is dead. Started two days ago.

Service engine light is on. Took to AutoZone for diagnostic and when it was plugged in to car, the device turned off and wouldn't give diagnostic results.

Put freon in car today and drove it up the road. Now it won't start. The lights and radio come on but just doesn't start. Changed alternator not to long ago also. What could it be?

It was running last summer.

153,000 miles on vehicle. Never changed the filter. I can't locate where the filter is.

Guess who ever had car before rigged one of spark plugs. Looks stripped. Had hard time taking out but finally got it out. Tried to put new plug but won't stay. Put old one back in & it stays but it looks as it needs to be replaced. Any ideas on what to do? Replaced others with no problems. So has all new but one. So leave as is or will it do more harm?

Or anything else need to be replaced as well?

Is there only one belt that runs everything or more?

Any special instructions when replacing alternator?

and also i have noticed lately that when im low on gas the car sputters and acts like it want to stall them comes out of it.

When pulling out car shut off and acts like it wants to shut off while driving or slowing down. Then didn't want to start. Waited awhile then started and drove like nothing ever happened. What could it be?

Camshaft sensor was replaced Tuesday. Came home from work and turned off car for about 10 minutes. Got back in car to pick up son from school and car would not start again.

When accelerating my car acts like it doesn't want to go and then the check engine light begins flashing and then stays on.

replaced battery now cant pass inspection said moniters not ready

Idling fine in park or neutral, once i put it in gear or come to a stop I have to keep giving it gas or it it will die. Now today it started dying like that while in neutral, I had to keep my foot on the gas to keep it runing, and a ton of smoke would come out my exaust every time i pressed the gas, also my temperature gauge showed it was getting hotter. HELP ME PLEASE!!??

My car started making a weird pinging noise, and I could feel the tempo of the pinging on my foot. My friends and I pulled over a few seconds after heard it. My friends look at my engine and pulled on a plug and it was attached to this grey piece of plastic and there were 4 of them. The piece of plastic was covered in oil. He pulled out each one at a time and the other three were bone dry. Then, he looked inside the opening the plug was in, and he said that something was causing the oil to not go to the engine. Then we checked the oil, and it was bone dry. So we go to buy oil, put it in and I drove about 10 miles and the car dies. Before it dies, the car would shake while it idled. I just got an oil change from Jiff Lube about a week before this happened. Is there any way this could be their fault? What should I do? Do I take it to the same Jiffy Lube so they can repair it, or should I not waist my time because it is an old car?

do I access from outside or inside trunk, and where are the screws located

Recently, in a very limited and random fashion, when turning the key, the dash lights come on, but no noise or engine turnover, also the gear shift won't budge. It's almost like out of 50 start attempts, there will be 49 starts that go as normal, but then there's the random one where this happens, and then after a short wait (5-20min), it will start up like nothing was ever wrong.

the harder i put the brake pedal down the more it revs up; then it will just return to normal --- doesnt happen all the time at periodic times

Cranks alot but will start. Once running runs fine.

i have 75000 miles and the check engine light is on and check oil light it also is idling very high when i shift to reverse it is still idle very high it is like i am shifting out of gear