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my saturn will start up just fine and will run good till i get to where i am going and shut it off come back out wont start seems flooded wait half hr runs good.
All the time, it happened about 6months ago but it was just recently that I discovered bit was doing it in all gears
I thought it was my tires but they are all good. It seems to be coming from the front passenger side. The car drives fine, doesn't pull to one side, stops fine.
Mi carro estuvo parado desde el 2011 es año 93 y ya se le isieron cambios de creo casi todo so portes cables así te filtros brekas y tenia un ruido como si fuera una lámina al cambiar los soportes se desapareció el ruido después empezó denuevo y ahora lo ase más fuerte el cual empieza cuando prendo el ahire acondicionado y más aún cuando meto el cambio a velocidad o reversa y alpárese el ventilador del motor se lo conectaron directo del ahire acondicionado eso genera el esfuerzo del motor sea mas nose que aser aquí no me dicen que es exactamente y yo ya no quiero pagar dinero por nada el problema ahí sigue
Red lights, stops, and park i get high rough idle. Few times car died.. had to keep foot on break and floor it to get it to start and keep it started. Went to O'Reilly they checked light said Erg valve and battery. Replaced them. No change. Cleaned out throttle air intake valve. Very built up. Helped a bit with idle. Now Autozone gave code PO410 smog pump. I have no clue what to do. I'm a single homeless mom. Any direction would be fantastic.
While driving on the interstate, at 65mph, without warning the car stalled. I checked all the fluids and connections and it still won't start. Could it be an oil sensor?
My car would not start. But everything in my car was still working. The lights, radio, air etc.So I replaced the alternator. They returned my car, it was running hot and water was gushing from a hose. He also said that a fan would not shut off. But when he put water in the car he only put water in the plastic container under the hood. Was he suppose to put it in the radiator as well? Or does it run from that container to the radiator?
Light/radio on. Car want start.
Will start right back up
My car will not start. The lights go on in thedash board but no starter activity. In the past if i wiggled the orange chime box under the air condionter controls it would start right up. I replaced the chime box but it will not start. It has done this repeatedly but always restarted but now ....nothing.
A few years ago my car started making a clicking that correlated with the tachometer. We took it home and haven't started it more than a few times since. I need to repair it and wonder roughly what it will cost. It may also need a fuse replaced in the passenger compartment, but the clicking is the biggest concern.
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