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I was just wondering if the dash has to be pulled to replace a heater core on a 1999 Saturn SL1?

check engine light goes on and off when excellerate a decelerate. what could prob be?

I have a 95 saturn SL1 (SOHC) with an automatic tranny and a bad engine. I've located an engine that came out of a 99 saturn SL1 (SOHC) with auto tranny. Will the 99 engine fit into my 95 car? Is this compatibility coded into the VIN?

Getting ready to change out a control arm any suggestions? Also do I need the special ball joint removal tool or can I gently pry it away with a Krobar?

the passenger is off track , it is easy to put it back on track so to speak? is there a manual guide for self fix?
also where to get a new or used dash cover

I have a saturn sl1 1997 and it smells like gasoline all of the time. We really smell it when the car is sitting in the garage. There is no leakage onto the ground from the vehicle and the gas cap is tight. The check engine light is on too, but I don't know if the 2 problems are related or not. Any ideas of why the car smells like gas and what i can do?? Is it the fuel filter maybe?

when driveing it stays somewhat cool . replaced relay for rad fan . thermastat , good fluid , rad cooling fan just will not engage when temp gets hot.

I have 12V at the blower motor plug(purple hot/black neutral) and 12v coming into the back of the switch (brown wire) and the swith seems to bedividing up the current when in different positions, check blower with 12v source and it ran fine. swith will not turn on blower????

my saturn 2002 saturn sl1, just started to where it will not start, all the light come on everything is fine while driving but it just will not start, you wait a while and it will start again then no sooner than turning it off it wont start all over again, all the lights come on and nothing seems wrong it makes no sound while trying to start it just started this week and seems to be getting worse

The clutch pedal in our Saturn is really hard to push in and is squeaking. We have checked the clutch fluid level and sprayed the clutch rod with WD-40 to try to stop the squeak. the fluid is fine and the WD-40 did not cure the squeak. Any idea how to fix this problem?

it will not shift out of first gear and the stick is very loose i need to know how to fix it and where they are located and how difficult it is

Everytime I try starting car I have to try 2 to 3 times before it will start.Spark plugs and wire's were
changed did put a crank position sensor on but still don't work

how much would it cost labor included to replace a belt tensioner and serpentine belt on this make and model year

have placed a new battery and starter on receiving fuel thru the fuel rail and spark coming to plugs however seems like slow drag

I have replaced the top passenger side motor mount and now I am being told the one under the engine needs to be replaced based on the fact of vibration in the steering wheel and movement of the engine (rocking forward) when started. Is it something that needs immediate repair or can it wait awhile?

Ok so I have a 93 staurn sl1 I have automatic seat belts and the passenger seat belt will not roll up like it is sopose to. the other side does but I cant figure out why it wont I have had it looked at and nothing I have bought the manual and nothing it clicks like it rolls up but it doesn't could it be off track maybe? Its very frustating

When engine starts and runs smooth. after five min engine gets warm then spits and sputters and will not idle and has no power to drive. pulled spark plugs they were black and crusted. replaced with new. no help

Hello, I've been working on my brakes for the past two days, had the common rotor wear (bumpy stops) and have the struts making for a bumpy ride (again common because, it's got 170k miles on it). However, I just had the front brakes done, the lines bled new calipers and mouting brackets as well as rotors and pads put on. My brake fluid is full to the gills with no air in the lines. I have pressure going to the brake pedal when the car is off but the second I turn the car off I'm losing pressure instantly and have to have the pedal to the floor to even have some sense of brakes. Any ideas on what it could be???

I recently had a taillight go out. After putting in a new one, not only does it not work, both taillights and the dash light does not work. Someone suggested it might be a fuse, but I cannot find the fuse. Please help.

My saturn has sprayed oil all over then inside of the hood. I then added 3 quarts of new oil and its seems fine now. After I went to target the antifreeze was leaking from the top of the container. What should I do?

The 1995 Saturn A/T has six shift solenoids where can I get a Manuel to tell me their locations and what they control? I have serviced the trans and cured my shifting problem but still have no reverse

I was in a car accident on Wednesday. The ABS dashboard light flashes and my back brake lights stay on. I have since removed the bulbs from the brake lights. I hope someone might be able to help me solve this problem, i want it to last till my inspection in January.

the fan does not turn on. plenty of coolant, fuse is good, but car still runs very hot. does thermostat control fan operation?

I am having ignition problem, the mechanic says i need a new ignition, how much would u say that should cost?

I recently switched oils in my car and introduced a can of Sea Foam...Do you think this would make my car run rough? It idles fine and does not hesitate at all, it just feels not a smooth while driving especially when I put the hammer down!

Do both Control Arms needs to be replaced as a pair or can you just replace one if needed?

in stop & go traffic my transmission will grear down and I have to turn it off & wait before it runs right.

I recently made the mistake of using Stopleak for my radiator. Now the collector tank looks like there is goo in it. Any suggestion on how to clean it out. I have to replace the radiator soon because of a massive crack by the inlet line.

The problem occurs every day but not everytime you start the car. The alternator was replaced. The lights are on & when the door is open it makes dinging sound. The battery test good. Turn the key nothing

is the "valve cover gasket replacement" the same as the "head gasket replacement" repair listed? If not, what is the pricing difference? Thank you.