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leak happens when engine is off...and not too bad, but i want to try stop leak


My serpentine belt had several ribs separate from the belt. they wound up tangeled arount a pully.
I replaced the belt. The new belt seemed very very hard to fit. I thought the Drive belt tenaioner should have been able to give me some more room to place the new belt on.
The new belt shows LINES on the smooth side. It looks like it is being worn along the ribs.
Is this possible? What needs to be replaced to fix the porblem

im trying 2 find out why my idleing stays high. use to be only when the car ran then came 2 a stop the idle would stay high

I knew battery was going bad and tried to make it to payday to get new one. One day stopped somewhere and when I tried to start it it was dead. Some strangers offered to give a jump. I was in car to turn it over and the strangers hooked up the jumper cables. It smoked when i turned it over. My guess is they connected it backwards. I went an bought new battery and since then it will fire but not start. have not been able to hook it up to a diagnostic machine, but have been told its my main computer and it will cost about 900 to fix. I am hoping this is wrong and there is a simple fix. any suggestions or info would be appreciated. I love my car and miss it. this happened end of july and its been stored in barn since.

i dont know much about cars but my boyfriend was driving my saturn and hit a pot hole, a huge/deep one and it cracked the trani pan or whatever its called and one question from me is if its possible to use a trani from an older saturn to replace it or if its possible to fix?

friend cross threaded cooler line and now it leaks transmission fluid. where do we buy the lines or the screw in part and is it called transmission cooler line where it is connected to the radiator. At least it was caused from taking the radiator out and putting in a new one, (or a second hand one) and then when he screwed the hoses back and they went in crooked then we started loosing tran fluid. Now we can't find the lines or hoses for our 2001 Saturn sl 1.9 ltr. 4 cylinder and I do not know if it is a sohc or dohc and would appreciate anyone helping me to know how to figure that out. My husband had a heart attack and was unable to fix the car himself, and is this very expensive because we are on a fixed and very tight income. We would really appreciate any help that you could email to us to let us know what to do and where to find the parts because we depend totally on this car to get him to doctors that are mostly out of our town. Our email address is Thank you for your help!

How do i change the clock (time) on my saturn sl sedan (2000)

What kind of transmission fluid would i use for a standard 5 speed transmission?

car will run fine and at any given time anti theft kicks in and car will not start with key.

car wont start and the battery is fine, it will not even turn over what could cause this?

should i get a new presher switch be for i do any thing more to my ac the fuse keeps blowing out jeff

also my ac keeps burning out the ac fuse under the hood what can it be jeffrey foti

I've been trying to figure out why this car makes so much noise at low speeds and when I stop at intersections. It sounds like it's idling high, but this only happens when accelerating and while sitting at an intersection. And it stops when I take my foot off the gas or put the car in neutral. Any ideas?

antifreeze leaking out of car puddle on the right side under the recepticle. hoses replaced not long ago. no visible leaks under hood looks dry.

when you change transmission fluid and filter how much fluid should be added back. We are having a problem measurig the fluid on the stick when the carwarm, idling in park leave it in a 30 seconds and it is all the way up the stick check it in and out it says to add. When car is cold it measures at the first hole on the stick.

I have had the a/c checked - it is fully charged, no leaks, compressor works - but when I turn it on inside car - I have to turn it to max and hardly get any air. The heater works just fine. What could be the problem?

A week ago coming home from Bay area, car started shaking when it the car reached 50mph- the dealer said it may be the transmission.

About a year ago, my brakes were making noise as if they were needing replacement. I traveled out of state and had the brakes repaired - replacing rotors and pads (??) on all four wheels - in September. At the time, there was still noise, which was assumed to be the dust that would work itself out, however, they have continued to make noise since that time. Recently the noise has become much louder and much more of a grinding sound. When the tires were replaced recently, I did take a peek at the rotors and don't see much wear or signs of scratching as if something were stuck between it and the brake. The brakes seem to be operating fine (which they actually seemed to be when I had them fixed last September but didn't want to take chances). A couple times I have wondered if there is something that is not properly fully disengaging on the brake - the noise sounds quite a bit like the noise made when the emergency brake is not disengaged and someone attempts to drive. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

i have loosened all the lug nuts car jacked up but the front tires will not come off i sprayed wd40,smacked with a hammer loosened them some and tried backing up and coming to a quick stop.nothing is working help

My service engine came on about 6 months ago, didn't think it was a big deal but now it won't pass smog and has service codes; P0301,P0442, and P0507. I'm trying to fix it myself but can anyone point me in the direction of where to start. I love my car and it's very dependable. Thanks for the help

Car shakes over 50mph, this makes me nervous to drive on the interstate.

were is my #2 cylinder on my 97 saturn sl single over head


My shop is telling me the manual transmission on my '97 Saturn SL needs to be replaced because something (they're not sure what) has broken off on the inside. What they're telling me is a used/rebuilt tranny would cost about $600 and the labor would be be about that as well. I just had the manual trans cable replaced last month so I asked why none of this problem had been apparent and was told that the cable is external. In both cases I lost the ability to shift into any gears. Couldn't find anything about manual trans on this site. Any ideas? It's been a great car but has 192K mi so I'm thinking it's not worth the $. Thanks for anyone with any advice. PS...aren't Saturn parts just GM parts anyway. He's making it sound like they're hard to find.

My car wont start and the anti theft light stays on

I get a check engine light and the car runs bad. When I check the code it tells me it is the temperature sensor. When I change it the check engine light goes out and the car runs fine. The problem is I replace 4 of them this year alone. Can you tell me what can make them go bad?

Started this morning when I started it. No problem til now. Very rough idling, missing worse when idling, but continues when driving. Turned on A/C it got alot worse. Mileage 74000.

how much labor to change a starter

The engine shut off while running car will not start. Replaced battery and starter, satrter clicks when ignition is turned on, engine does not turn over. Oil is low, kids car, does it have an engine cut off for low oil?