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i just bought the car the it is it want to run change the oil filter
Not sure if it is SOHC OR DOHC
I used to take it around the block just to circulate all the fluids and one day I tried to start it and it wouldn't do anything
both have been replace multiple times..last for about a week then go bad
I have a 1996 Saturn wagon
I have to add coolant before I drive the car every time. Its not pouring out the bottom or out of the cap. Ive replaced the thermostat about 3 times. its using coolant while driving the car. the temp stays under the half mark. its not overheating. when I go somewhere, I have to stay a while for it to cool off, then add coolant before I leave or the light will come on while driving. please help
I wait 1 or 2 hours then the car will crank and run again for thirty minutes, then shuts off.
One day, I cranked the car, it shuttered and knocked off. But then I cranked it again, no problems. The next day, I cranked the car, it shuttered and knocked off. Now it will only shutter when I try to crank won't start at all now. I bought the car 2 1/2 years ago from a used car lot. I have only changed the oil in it, bought tires, and had a brake job done. I know there's a small problem with the transmission, the heater coil, and air needing new coolant. I figure this problem may have something to do with the fuel filter/injector. Am I even close?
The tranny has checked out fine but AC compressor is bad and rattles real bad.
The timing chain has slipped on my Saturn 3 times in the last year. Everything has been replaced down to the sprockets. A couple months ago I turned the car off and it wouldn't start, had the same symptoms as before the compression even mirrored that of the low compression from the timing chain. It was reset again and my car still wont start. It also blew out an injector when I tried to start it. I haven't checked the compression since it's been reset. Since it would be impossible for the car to gain too much compression does anyone have any ideas on why it wont start? or why it keeps doing this? I just want it to run so I can sell it.
My car was squealing and when I parked it the steering wheal was hard to turn. Cranked it later that day and opened the hood and none of the belts or pullies was turning..I cut it off tryed to crank it again but wouldn't crank.. the belt is loose enough you could slip it off the pulley
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