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The repair shop has indicated there is a switch on the break that may have been hit by a foot when getting out of the car, causing the break light to stay on and the cruise to not work. Where can I find that and what does it look like? Thanks
I have a 2007 Saturn sky R/L with 70,000 miles. I have recently let it set for 3 months. had to replace battery, still no start, replaced 30amp Crank switch, still no start replaced starter, tries to crank. So I reset the Anti theft alarm & now it is running but after I drive it for about 10 minutes and take off at a stop light when I go into 2nd, 3rd gear Etc. it feels as if it has no power to the motor & the RPM shoots up but will not run over 40mph, If I out it back down into 1st and change gears a few times it starts working again for a little while. The check engine light blinks when driving but when I stop at red light it goes off.
it just started doing this so I took it home and parked it.
When I turn on the left turn single it flashes very fast what’s wrong. The right turn single flashes at reg speed but the left turn single light flashes very fast, also noise inside car clicks very fast when the left single is activated
My wife has a 2008 Saturn Red Line Sky. she is having trouble with the dash light coming on then going off. Then some time they will come on and stay on for a period of time then go off. Have taken it to different people and they can't find any thing wrong because the light would always come on . Then after we pick up the car after a couple days they would go off again. Kind of hard to see the gauges when it's night time.

Steve Newman
Where the heck is the battery located
Under the hood.
I stored my car for winter. Could the battery be run down?
but the lights come on when I try to start the car.
I have recently bought 2007 sky redline and it overheats, it was intermitent but it is becoming more frequent, when the temp lite comes onat 250 degrees I immediatly pull over, how high of a temoerature will do damage
Car overheated after oil change, dealer said a completely new Fan system and air duct is required. Said they found broken air duct after starting on the fan repair. This type of costly repair is routinely needed after oil changes. My car is fantastic until I take it in for oil changes. Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 costly visits to correct the initial diagnosis and they never admit errors. Would like criminal investigation into the dealership. I want to report the dealership because the car is great otherwise.
I guess broken exterior door handles are a known issue for this particular vehicle. The driver side interior door handle doesn't operate the door latch, I'm assuming the cable assembly is broken or one of the cable ends has broken? Doors can still be opened so I know the latches are functional. Thanks for any help.
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